Comparium : Automated Website Testing Tool

There are a lot of websites in the world as most of the people are creating websites for business promotion as well as for growing their business apart from this websites are also being created for social purposes which are created and managed various public and private NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) as well as individuals. So, now comes the question of how should we make a website which is easy to understand and handle and to make it more attractive so that maximum people visit on top of it the website should be secured. Comparium is a way or solution to all our concerns. Comparium is a tool for web testing. This tool is equipped with testing the website from all sides and removes all kinds of errors. It not only tests the website but also performs certain tasks that are repeated on the website. Similarly you can use Selenium tool to test your website 

Features Of Comparium Tool

Supportive of all browsers

A lot of time people face the challenge that a tool which comes in the market is supportive of the certain browser then we have to either change the browser that we use or give away the plan of using such a wonderful tool. But it is not the same as the comparium tool. This tool is supported by all browsers like chrome, firefox, opera, or internet explorer.

Supports all platform

Just like the browser platform also create a challenge but comparium overcomes this challenge also. This tool is compatible with all platforms like Windows 7,8 or 10, mac operating system, Linux, or any other.

Testing multiple websites

Handling and testing multiple websites is very difficult but with the help of Comparium, this has become possible. Not only possible it has also become easy.

Offline results

Testing so many websites will require you to sit online for long hours but Comparium made it possible to get the result of the website on our mail. For doing so the tool only requires your website URL and your email id.

Cost-effective and time-saving

The comparium tool is not expensive at all. Although it is also available free of cost the paid one will not be so costly as the services provided are so good that you will not regret paying. The tool saves your time as you can test multiple websites at a time and it will not take long as the tool is very fast in testing the website.   

Screenshot facility

The tool also provides you the facility of the screenshot so that you can take the picture of the test, save it and this screenshot picture can be used later to avoid errors or mistakes in the future.


There are many web testing tools but Comparium is the best tool to test the website with efficiency and convenience. Comparium is a tool that adjusts according to its user and solves all the problems. Therefore, it stands out among other web testing tools.

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