How are Live Games Broadcasted Online?

Broadcasting live games on TV networks is an old way of getting entertained. But media and communication technology have enabled us to watch live sports on our smartphones as well.

Earlier, TV was dominating the coverage of live games. But now Hotstar, Amazon, and 일본야구중계 (Japanese Baseball Relay) online video broadcasters are providing the real-time gaming experience.

Did you ever think about how these live gameplay on our mobile runs and what technology the presenters uses to deliver us live experience?

Below you will find brief details about the technology used in live game streaming so far.

How it Works

Broadcasting live streaming is not much different than airing on TV. For broadcasting live streaming of games, it all starts with many cameras set at different angles. These cameras are connected to a studio where a team of engineers live switches many feeds to prepare a master feed. Further, this master feed is sent to live stream hardware encoder, which transforms the feed into a required format for Internet upload action.

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The next step is to make many copies of the master feed to let viewers see it at different internet speeds. After making different copies or sizes of the master feed, it is delivered to CDN (Content Delivery Network) to provide the feed to real-time viewers around the globe further. Streaming small events require less server space, whereas streaming large events such as cricket matches require a large number of servers. It takes a second to connect with any person from any location over the Internet. Streaming live games on different apps attract a massive audience from different regions.

Live game streamline platforms have a good future as compared to the present scenario. It does not mean they are not earning well in the present time. They get traffic in millions on every small and big event. During the world level tournaments, traffic grows many times more. In future demand for online games, streaming will increase multifold and the competition between the providers will also increase directly.

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