How to Convert Visitors into Buyers with a Landing Page?

What if you can increase your sales without spending a single penny. Yes, you read correct, without spending even one penny. So, this thing is done through your landing page. If you optimize or design well-structured landing page then it impacts on a conversion rate of your eCommerce store.

If you have very good traffic on your store that doesn’t mean that you will get more sales and profit. If you are not using perfect landing pages then you have very fewer chances to grow your store.

Landing pages are most important in eCommerce business as sugar is important in tea or coffee. How you make the first impression on customers mind it depends on how your landing page is effective. The landing page is a key to increase sales in eCommerce business.

You can increase your traffic by CPC but to increase sales you need to optimize your landing page.

Why do you need landing pages?

Let’s understand the need of landing page in purchase process of any product. All users who are coming from campaigns of newsletter, social media, ads, CPC, they firstly come on your product page. So you need to make impression on customers mind from their first step in your site.

You have to represent your product in such a way that visitor will willing to buy it. So, for getting leads you need a landing page. You can target your specific products on a landing page. Most of the visitors are leaving the site in a few seconds of arrival because their requirements are not matching with your website. And in this situation, the landing page plays the role of the magnet.

Let’s take an example, you are surfing on the internet and seen the ad for shoes that you want to buy. You click on it and what is you directly not come on that page rather you come to the home page. You don’t like this behavior and you suddenly come back from that ad. So, this is the example that shows how customers are coming to your page. You have to put yourself on customers place and think like that.

Maybe you can not able to show all your products on the landing page. So, you have to show your visitors that what are you giving them. If you able to convince your visitors to buyers then you will get benefits from them in the future.

Benefits of Landing pages:

We all heard that ‘First Impression is the last Impression’. If a visitor does not like what they see at the first time, they probably try to look at your whole site. As a result, your business will not get proper ROI.

Below points will teach you how landing pages are important:

1. Landing pages simplify the decision of your customers:

Potential Customers will always find what they want on site. So, you have to show them that they are in right place. If you provide lots of choices to the visitor when they come to your landing page, then it makes a distraction to customers.

Landing pages, as of, are important because they help customers to make decisions. How customer takes a decision, based on it your product will be sell. You can read customer’s mind based on their decision and this thing will help you to optimized your product page.

2. It helps to generate Leads:

A good landing page is not only attracting your customers but it also helps you to establish a relationship with your customers. If visitors are interested in your product or services, then you may take their information through a form or any kind of subscription.

Interested customers will give you their details and that is lead for you, then after your team may contact them and take follow-ups. So, how you grow your business totally depends on your landing page.

3. Offers clarity & purchase:

Landing pages are must be created to focusing on clarity. It shows a clear path to take action to your customers. Landing pages make clear to a visitor that you want them to purchase your product or signup your newsletter.

If you send visitor homepage of your website, then they have a large variety of taking action. That is not actually you want from your customer. A landing page is short and clear about your product. So, this clarity does not delay to a customer for taking actions.

4. Track Data:

Data on the landing page will help you to track the behavior of customer and for what perspective they are coming to your page. If your goal is to sign up newsletter or downloads something then you can implement your page according to that.

You can implement or change your marketing campaign according to your perspective. And Your perspective will clearly be shown on your landing page.

5. They help to succeed your ad campaign: 

If you are paying for ads and not getting proper results then this thing will help you to improve your campaign. If your site getting clicks through CPC but not getting selles then you can improve your campaigns and get succeed.

Landing pages are not only for getting leads and make sells but it also helps you to reduce bounce rate of your site. If your site is likely for visitors then the domain authority of your site will be also improved.

You work on Adwords campaign and in that landing pages play a big role in ad effectivity and productivity. You business get affected by changing the color of CTA button in the landing page. When you are spending money on ads, the main thing in your mind is to get ROI. And that you will achieve by optimizing your landing page.

Of course, increasing conversation depends on increasing visitors to achieve your business goals. Anybody can build landing page but keep in mind that you have to create the perfect landing page with covering SEO points, Custom options for products, CTA buttons, clarity, and perfection.

In Conclusion:

So, to conclude, you will know how much your landing page is important? What are the benefits you will get by perfect landing page, what type of data you can analyze by your landing page? When you are inviting someone to click on your link, make sure you provide them comfortable land. I have mentioned the above points according to my observation. I hope this will help you. Thanks for Reading.

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