How to Find out any Website’s IP Address

Just like how each device is given an IP address, every website also has an IP address associated with it. And when you have to open a website, then your system first reaches out to the DNS Servers to find out the IP address of corresponding url, and then provide access to the website.

You might be wondering why would you want to know the IP address at all? There are numerous benefits to knowing it.

  1. You can easily bypass the website blocking tools if you know the IP address.
  2. When you are setting up the home network, you can block certain websites.
  3. You can limit the geographic location of any web server.

But finding these addresses can be quite a tricky task. The websites don’t usually display the IP addresses in open. Although, there are some exceptions to it, such as games like alternatif joker123. Here you will definitely need an IP address to access the game.

So, how would you find out what is the IP address of the website you want to access?

Use Ping

When you have got such an amazing facility in your laptops, why worry and look elsewhere. You can easily use the Ping service to know the address of any website. Just open the command prompt in your windows, and type in “Ping”. Provide the name of website you want to check IP address of.

The command would now return the IP address of the website you were looking for.

If you are using mobiles, then look out for apps in your play stores that would imitate the similar process of using pings.


You can also bring into use the internet whois system, to find out the IP address of any given website. This is a database that keeps track of complete information regarding a website – the owner’s details, IP address of the website, and so on.

For this, you can visit website such as, and type in the website name you want to find out more about. You will find the desired information easily in search results.

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