Why is Linkbuilding the most Boring and Important Task in SEO?

Why is Linkbuilding the most Boring and Important Task in SEO?

The world of SEO is ever changing and evolving. And every website needs to keep itself updated with the best SEO practices to continue taking advantage of this. And amidst that, link building plays a very crucial role.

BUT, more than the number of backlinks, the quality of backlinks matter. So not every backlink is good for your website’s health. You need to focus on getting the best guest posts for your website, and not on getting hands on everything possible. Moreover, it is also the most boring task. Wondering why?

Why Linkbuilding is Boring?

This is basically a very time consuming process. What do you do when you have to build links? You start looking for websites where you can publish, and which will help with your reputation. Right?

Now out of all the websites, some allow you to get a backlink for free. While some charge you some premium to get yourself listed. In both the options, a lot of time gets wasted.

When you go with free backlinks, you need to create an account on the website. And then write a good quality article to include your backlink. So to get just 1 link, you have to go through so much of rigorous tasks.

And in the case of paid backlinks, either through a new article or niche edits, you need to send emails to websites. And then you keep on waiting for their response. If at all they reply, you then have to negotiate on the price. And so on. Overall, even this step makes you waste a lot of your time on menial tasks.

All of this time waste makes linkbuilding a very boring task. BUT, it is also very important.

Why it is important?

Why do we do SEO? To get better ranked on the search results. Now how do you think Google or any other search engine assesses your website’s quality? There are multiple ways in which this happens.

  • Good quality grammar
  • Keyword based articles
  • Use of images or alt tags
  • Backlinks, and so on.

Backlinks is also one of the important parameters which search engines use. It is considered as one of the most advanced SEO services you do. After all, it is through these links only that the search engines will realize how good your website is, since so many people are referring to you.

The better the backlinks, the better will be your ranking. Not every backlink counts. Only if you get links from high authority, high quality websites, the links get counted. Bad links, on the other hand, pushes you back. So, in short, while backlink building are very tiresome and boring, it is also necessary.

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