Learn to Code, Develop & Market a Website

Times have now changed. Just having the right Marketing skills is not enough to create a successful website with huge organic traffic. SEO is now much more technical than it used to be. On-Page SEO is no longer about Keywords. Gone are those days, when you could rank a website purely on the basis of Keyword Stuffing.

With the Introduction of Semantics in HTML5, Google and other Search Engines interpret your website very differently now. Every tag has a meaning and an appropriate place of use. And having a good HTML Structure is important to create a successful website. We have Created many WordPress themes with the perfect HTML5 Structure and tags to make the job easier for you.

But it doesn’t end here. Another Important thing is website speed. Everybody hates a slow website. You are guaranteed to lose 47% of traffic if your website doesn’t start loading in 2 seconds. 47% of traffic loss is nearly half your revenue. And with increasing 4G LTE speeds across the world, you would think that Websites are going to load faster. Unfortunately, the average website Loading speed across the world is still more than 3.5 seconds. Our themes have been optimized to produce absolutely minimal loading times for increased efficiency and website performance.

At CodetoRank.com, we will provide you with the Following:

  • Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes
  • Tips to Optimize your Existing Website Code
  • Tips for Creating a Faster Website
  • Tips to Create a Secure and Hackproof Website
  • More Cool Tips from the World of Technology

I hope you Enjoy this blog, and if you have any suggestions or requests, feel free to contact us.