3 Must Have Resources to start a Call Center

Each successful business needs a call center. And many companies are going for either in-house call centers, or outsourced. These are needed so that you can communicate with your customers easily.

And when you plan on setting up one for your business, you have to take care of few essential things before you go live.  Here are some of the resources you would definitely need to start.


The first most important resource you need for your call center is the telephone. Without it, you probably cannot even function. For your call center, you would need PABX telephones so that call transfers and answering becomes easy.


You obviously don’t want your calls to be heard by your fellow colleagues. Neither is anybody capable of keeping the receiver connected to their ears all day long. So to make things easy, a headset is definitely required. And call center headsets are different than those you use in your day to day life.

Besides just the ear pieces, you need microphones as well. So for call center purpose, you use the headsets which enables you to hear and speak on the call easily. There are multiple companies which manufacture such headsets and other resources, so it would become quite easy for you to get access to them.


Last but not the least, you definitely need employees for your call center. You cannot automate all your calls. So to help out your customers easily and on time, right number of employees are required. Now you can approach this from 3 perspectives.

  • You can either hire full time employees for your call center.
  • Or, you outsource some of the employees based on the need. For example, during peak hours, more employees are needed.
  • Or the final option, you can outsource your entire call center business to the third party. They will put their employees to your specific business as and when need arises.

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