3 Smart Ways To Spy And Gain Advantage Over Your Competitor’s Facebook Ad

Every other business is carefully looking into the things being used by the competitor to improve its sales, reach and overall brand image. On social media front understanding how a competitor ad is working will go a long way in gaining a competitive edge over them online. For that purpose, facebook ads spy tool list here will help you a great deal to achieve your goal. Here are some other smart ways to spy and gain an advantage over your competitor’s Facebook ad.

Use Facebook to uncover ads secrets

After facing severe criticism on the privacy issue, Facebook has finally unlocked the best way to discover the secrets of its ads with “Info and Ads”. This feature is exclusively designed to offer transparency on the Facebook side and accountability on the publisher’s side on its social networking platform. This feature section has been added on the Facebook pages allowing users to view the active ads on that particular page. There is also a new ‘Ad Library’ wherein users can see all the active ad campaign at once. 

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Use AdLeap for better understanding

There are several tools in the market which helps in finding ads being used by the competitors on Facebook. These tools usually lack on the level of the insight to gain some potent knowledge about the ad performance. AdLeap is a great software to discover ads on Facebook and take valuable insight from it in order to create better products which possess a better selling point on Facebook.

AdLeap fares better when it comes to viewing multiple ads in a single go through the use of the pins. It carefully offers a splendid view of the ad performance over a period of time. Furthermore, it even offers timely alerts of the brands being followed by the user whenever they happen to publish a new ad. Sadly the dashboard offered by the AdLeap isn’t intuitive or fast as one wants it to be. 

Don’t just spy, get more with Adsova

Adsova is known for its huge library of more than 500,000 ads which helps in analyzing the ad strengths. The most amazing thing about this particular software is that it updates its database on a daily basis which helps businesses in finding new high performing ads in real-time. Secondly, Adsova database doesn’t just keep the stock of visual ads, but it also keeps the text as well. All of the spying doesn’t come for free as users are required to pay a bit higher price of $39 per month.

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