4 Important Things to Deliver During SAP Interview

Students who have completed their graduation in the commerce stream or got a masters degree in business administration are required to get SAP experience to increase their demand among several industries. This post is for those students who have SAP experience but do not know how to deliver it in an interview.

But before that, let’s know what the meaning of sap experience is. SAP stands for System Application and Product, a software company. Its ERP program is widely used for data processing and inventory management.

Now, here are some things that students need to know while preparing for an interview.

Transactional Knowledge

To complete a task on the SAP platform, it requires transactional knowledge of the program. Even if you don’t know the SAP order entry, explain about material returns, customer complaints, sales adjustments, and inventory review in the interview. One more thing which should be learned before an interview is, different ways of navigating or opening the screen of SAP. Only an experienced and qualified person could know them.

SAP Reporting Module

The second thing which should be highlighted in an SAP interview is your experience when you use a business warehouse. This experience is called SAP reporting, which means it is an interaction of real-time metrics with business management. That is why companies install SAP to get information about reporting purpose. This is the most important and hard to deliver concept during an interview. It requires intense SAP experience to deliver it intelligently during the interview.

Upfront Prep. Skills

Companies which have recently started using SAP platform, need to perform many upfront preparations before starting working on the platform continuously. As an SAP experience candidate if you worked in such a situation, then you must have knowledge of software stability and testing. These upfront skills are priceless for a company to organize an SAP platform. Therefore do not forget to mention them to the interviewers.

Experience Within Teams

While you work on the SAP platform, you might be responsible to follow SAP consultant and other staff members to run the program smoothly. Any issue in team members can spoil the SAP module which could affect other key modules of the organization. The point is, tell about your experience of working in a team and how teamwork can increase quality and productivity together.

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