5 Types of Websites You Can Create With WordPress

WordPress is a free content management system based on PHP and MySQL. It is a flexible and great tool to create websites. Almost 60 million websites in the world are based on WordPress and 30% of the highest ranked websites on Google are created by WordPress.

This shows why WordPress is the number one choice of web developers and SEO experts. In this post, you will go through five types of websites that you can create by using WordPress services.

Business Website

Several industries are relying on WordPress to make business websites. It is necessary for entrepreneurs, small or large businesses, and home-based businesses. There are a large number of themes with relevant features available on WordPress for business websites. And once you create a website, Seo agencies in Toronto GTA will help you rank your WordPress business site on Google with their excellent SEO skills.

eCommerce Website

eCommerce websites are used for trading products online. WordPress is widely supporting online store websites. It also provides many marketing features through eCommerce website themes, which assist in increasing the online sale of products. Many popular online stores are using WordPress services.

Portfolio Website

Portfolio websites are for artists, photographers, web designers, and other users who demand high graphics themes to express their profile. WordPress offers relevant themes, beautiful slides, and stunning galleries to make portfolio websites amazing.

Blog Website

Initially, WordPress was only a blogging platform. Later it introduced content management system to support different kinds of websites. Currently, WordPress support both the platforms. There are many tools available on WordPress to make a blogging or personal website. Popular bloggers in the world created their personal websites with WordPress.

Multilingual Website

WordPress services are not limited to a few languages only. A developer can create a website with WordPress in multiple languages. Almost all types of website on WordPress are multilingual but to increase your experience with WordPress you can download it in your own language.

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