6 Critical Mobile App Features that you’re Business App Should Have

You always dream of being an entrepreneur. You always wanted to run a business. Luckily, you manage to turn your childhood dream into reality. Now, you are the owner of the business. Seeing the exponential growth in mobile apps and changes in users’ pattern, you are also planning to build your business app. With no technical knowledge about it, you are struggling to decide which features your business app should have and which ones it should not. If all that seems familiar, then you are at the right place. In this article, you will learn about 6 critical mobile app features that your business application must have.

Great User Experience

Nothing is more important than the user experience of your mobile app. It can literally make or break your mobile app. From the onboarding process to closing the app after making a purchase, user experience is involved at every stage. Reduce the number of clicks and make the transition smoother for app users and they will fall in love with your mobile. Offer a personalized mobile app development experience for users and they will never abandon your app and switch to competitor’s app.

Social Media Integration

With billions of users, social media has become a force to reckon with so much so that you cannot afford to ignore it even when creating a mobile app for your business. Social media integration with your mobile app has become a must have feature. Make the sign up process easier for app users by letting them sign up with popular social networks. Additionally, it makes sharing a whole lot easier as the users won’t have to leave the app to share it with their friends and family members. This help you tap new users and create a sense of community.

Secure Payment Gateways

If your business is selling products or let users subscribe to services using the mobile app then, you must pay attention to ensuring the payment process is secure and transparent. Give multiple payment options to users and only ask for information you really need and save users from the hassle of filling out long forms. This will automatically increase your sales from your mobile app, which would translate into more revenue. Build trust and try to convince buyers about security of their transaction. Once they are sure that it is safe to perform a financial transaction with your business app, they will start to buy your products.

Advanced Analytics

Getting insights into user behavior and usage pattern is very important for business as it helps them to improve and refine the experience further. For websites such as knullkontakten.info, Implementing the analytics feature into your mobile app will give you access to actionable insights and information. The more you know about your app users the better you can satisfy their needs. On the other hand, it also let users see a glimpse of what they are doing and purchase or usage history, depending on the nature of the business.

Maps Integration

Most users would love to visit you physically after using your mobile app because they prefer to touch the products before buying them. Integrate maps into your mobile app and make it easier for them to find you. Provide contact information so they can easily contact your business and if possible add a pin on the map to help users reach the exact location. With Google Maps, you can easily make it possible. What’s more, it is easier to integrate Google Maps into mobile app.

This Mobile app Developers Company are taking this to the next level by shifting towards indoor maps. Although, it is a new feature, and many museums, libraries, and shopping malls are using this feature. This assist shoppers to reach the particular store in the shortest possible time, history and culture fans to navigate large museum easily by using this feature. You can also find the closest restaurants, eatery or coffee shop.

Feedback System

Establish a feedback system in your mobile app so that users can report bugs, give suggestions or share their feedback with your business. In addition to this, this help you build your credibility and reputation. When you have user feedback to work with, it makes it easier for you to make improvements to your mobile app that your app users want to see in your mobile application.

When the users see that you are valuing their feedback and suggestions and taking appropriate action to enhance their experience, they start to think that you care for them. That is where the seed of long-term relationship is sown, which would quickly turn into a growing tree.

Which critical mobile app features do you think is important for your dedicated mobile app for your business? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.


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