6 email marketing strategies to build brand awareness

6 Email Marketing Strategies to Build Brand Awareness

The cutthroat competition in the business world is one of the greatest motivations to innovation. It has enabled the creation of some of the most amazing ideas as every person with something to sell seeks to win and retain customers.

Email marketing is among the commonly used modern ways of reaching out to clients and even building brand awareness as well as a loyal customer base. It has been used successfully, even with the solo ad campaigns, and gained widespread acclaim especially as greater penetration of internet and tech devices take shape. This notwithstanding, failure to appropriately utilize email marketing strategies properly might lead to disappointing results. In this article, we Brisbane marketing company explore some email marketing strategies to build brand awareness

Know your Target Market: Not everyone will need your Business.

There is no need for sending brand awareness campaigns to people who have little or no interest in them at all. This amounts to spending resources including time on the wrong priorities. For this reason, it is important that you carefully create your mailing list so that your messages are sent to the appropriate audience.

This leads to the next important part of your emailing strategy. Where and how do you gather emails for your mailing list?

Subscriptions are one way of gathering emails. Optimize your website and social media channels to entice visitors to subscribe. When potential clients subscribe through their own volition, it is a clear demonstration of interest in your products. They might end up being loyal clients of your brand.

Seminars, activation campaigns, sales promotions, and marketing gatherings are also key places to gather and create emails. Make it part of the networking process to ensure that your brand awareness emails are targeted to the right audience.

Consistency is Crucial: But Be Timely.

One essential secret and great email strategy is consistency. At all times, endeavor to send messages to your email contents regularly. Although there is no specific guideline as to what is the best timing, sending at least one email every month helps to keep your target audience hooked. Some marketers use as much as one email every week for their brand awareness campaigns.

While at it, ensure your message is timely. This means that your message has to go along with the season. If, for instance, the season allows you to give discounts, let your audience know. Flow with the season to ensure that your messages are relevant at all times. More importantly, remember to coil your message around the brand without generalization

Personalize your Messages: People like it when you show familiarity.

How does it sound when you someone calls you by name in the middle of a busy street? Fantastic, right? So much so that even if they aren’t addressing you, you will most likely have a second look.

This is the same with email campaigns. It doesn’t matter how you gather your list of email contacts, but it is ultimately very important that you take time to filter each one of them and get the names right as you send out your email messages.

Start your emails by an official, friendly salutation eg. Hello Sam, Dear Ann, Greetings Tom….

All this gives the recipient confidence, further hinting that the person on the other end is known to them. This increases their chances of opening up the email and reading it through to the last word.

Ask for Permission

At some point, as you browse through websites, you might have come across those prompt messages that ask you to subscribe. This is an important step in asking for your permission to be added to an emailing list. That’s why you are given a choice to accept or reject the offer.

These prompts are an extremely vital process and carry a lot of weight. To the owners of these sites, those who take walk down those steps and subscribe are valuable potential clients who might give them long term business.

You have no business sending messages to people who will not give even your purported “catchy” headline a second look. When you seek permission, you send messages with some aura of confidence since you have the consent of the recipient and that alone boosts your efforts a great deal.

Content is King: You got no business sending half-baked messages.

Take time to develop, edit and enhance your content. This is unarguably one of the most important steps in ensuring that you run sustainable, converting email marketing strategies.

What do you want your readers to know? Bear in mind that you have very little time to convince your clients that what you intend to sell to them is worth their resources. It is even harder when the people you are targeting need introduction to your products and even to you. But it is all very achievable.

Take your time to know their interests, develop content that will catch their attention and take time to write email copy that seeks to convert. This is where you lose or retain your customers.

At the same time, tackle one thing at a time. When developing content ideas, it is common to have competing ideas. This might confuse you so much so that you end up with an extremely jumbled mix up that doesn’t communicate effectively. Be specific and give your brand awareness message direction.

How is your landing page?

The first encounter you have with any content determines how much you remain hooked to it. In fact, this is decided within the first 5-10 seconds of your encounter with any content.

Making your landing page attractive and catchy is the first step to winning the attention of your readers. However, ensure that you are brief and able to send a hint on what you intend to communicate. After this, follow up with relevant well formatted and well-outlined content throughout the email.


Whereas creating a winning copy is for your email marketing isn’t rocket science it surely requires much more than a mere email sent to willing(and sometimes unwilling) recipients.

Ensure that you consistently research and keep yourself updated on what’s happening around your world. This will help you to remain relevant and send messages that are timely.

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