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7 Job Skills that give you an Edge when Betting Online

Betting online can be tricky. You can’t see the faces of those around the table, you can’t get a real feel for the competition, and you may struggle to get in the zone.

Even so, online gambling can be really fun once your mind is set on the game.

Although you may not be a professional gambler yet, there are plenty of skills you probably use in your day job that apply throughout your life- including your weekend gambling.

Here are 7 job skills that will help you when betting online


Whether you work in a call center or for the fire service, the likelihood is that you have to practice patience every day. It might be waiting for a colleague to get a job done, holding on for the next call or even waiting for the end of your working day, but we all use it somehow.

If you don’t think you practice it enough, now is the time to start. Patience is difficult to master, but absolutely essential when betting online.

When placing an online sports bet, for example, it’s important not to rush into it – you need to take time to evaluate the possibilities and check the facts before submitting your slip. Then, when that’s done, you’ll need to play the game of waiting for the match out. Hit crisis point and cash out too early, and you may lose a lot of money.

The best gamblers learn over time to not aim for a certain number of bets but to be strategic about where they put their money. It’s absolutely key to be patient if you want to turn a profit from betting.

To learn the key to patience from the pros, you could even check out a few must-watch gambling movies. Each of these movies dramatically show how pros are self composed at the casino table, making the right decisions at the right time.


Anyone who works in the mental health sector will be more than familiar with the need to be self-aware.

When it comes to gambling, you need enough self awareness to know when to quit while you’re ahead. If you’re gambling on a budget, whether that’s time or money, you’ll need to be aware of how much of either you’ve spent at all times.

Not doing so could result in losing way more money than you had planned, or even developing a gambling addiction. At that point, it’s time to stop and seek help.


This may be quite an obvious one, but those who regularly use math in their jobs do tend to be a little better at casual gambling.

That’s right, if you’re an accountant, scientist or an economist, you may stand a slightly better chance of winning big because you will understand the odds, probabilities, wagering, and payouts a little better.

When you’re betting online, especially when it comes to casino table games, it’s impossible to know what others around the virtual table are feeling. Unlike in land-based resorts, you can’t simply rely on reading someone’s emotions.

Plus, you can’t simply reach for a calculator when betting. Yes, you may think it’s a little easier to do that when playing online rather than on the gambling floor, but you need to be much quicker than that. Thinking on your toes and performing quick math in your head is the best way to go.

In the same way, although betting for your favorite sports team may seem patriotic, you may actually be losing a lot of money. Professional sports bettors, on the other hand, take a real look at the odds of each team and place a bet based on the numbers.

That’s why money-saving websites everywhere urge sports gamblers to bet with their heads, not their hearts.

Math really is everywhere, and your job may just be the reason you’re about to earn some quick cash.


Understanding technology is a key part of successful online betting. After all, if you don’t know how to properly bet on your laptop or phone, how do you ever expect to win anything?

Skills in technology aren’t just essential for simple things, though. 

There is plenty of technology hidden behind the law of probability that you should know.

Making your tech knowledge work to your advantage is key – a great example being to find the best online bonuses.

Browsing a site like Online Casino Gems is a simple and easy way to get more bang for your buck when betting online.

This website lists all the best online casino bonuses out there so you can stop searching and start playing, knowing you’re getting a good deal.

Quick thinking

Although patience is essential when it comes to acting, quick thinking also plays a vital part. While trying to relax and not do anything silly, you should also be thinking fast.

According to Adrian Sireca at Online Casino Gems, every great player out there can run multiple scenarios through their head and act quickly and decisively: “To be an awesome player, you’ll need to consider your hand, the dealer, the other players, the odds, and your budget to come out on top when you play online. Games like craps and roulette run very quickly, so it’s important you can keep up even when faced with new players, new rolls, hands, or spins.”

Those who work in emergency services like firefighters, nurses, and the police tend to be the best at quick thinking because they practice it throughout the day.


We all have to practice jogging happy thoughts every now and again throughout our day jobs – it’s part of being human and keeps us looking on the bright side even on the worst days.

Those who regularly practice this at work rather than getting moody about situations will find gambling much easier.

Whether you’re in the black or the red, it’s important to keep a positive outlook or your frustration may hold you back.

Playing too fast and letting your emotions control your betting will end up in nothing but upset and lost money.

A study published by Sage Journals has even backed up the theory with science.

It read: ‘optimists, more than pessimists, maintain positive expectations and continue gambling after experiencing negative gaming outcomes.’

Instead, remain optimistic, and lead your game with your head.

Strategic planning

Any businessman or woman will be aware of the importance of strategic planning when it comes to keeping on track and growing a business.

But what about when it comes to staying on track and growing gambling profits? The same applies.

Planning a strategy based on your budget and time available to spend on online casino games is so important to getting the most out of your playtime. 

Players who use bonuses to their advantage, play various games and look for options with a higher Return To Player are more likely to be successful than those who jump all-in without doing any research.

Even looking at game strategies can be helpful, take a look at this video poker crash-course and go from there.

It’s business planning, but for betting.

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