8 Tips to Consider Before Building a website

An online presence has become vital for any business in the competitive scenario . Building a website is not too tedious now. But your website should be ranked by the search engines, engage customers, and stimulate conversions.

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You need to take care of many aspects before creating a website. Functionality, navigation, and appearance create a unique user-friendly website. We have brought you eight tips to consider before building a website.

  1. Domain name and host

A domain name gives a brand identity to your business. You can use your website’s domain name for branding across all social media platforms. Try having a memorable domain name in sync with the target demographic. Search engines like Google and Yahoo will suggest you list influential domain names.

Consider your website’s nature and business before taking a hosting package. Consider things like whether it will be media-rich with lots of images or videos, the amount of website traffic, and additional features.

  1. Design

Consider creating a clean and appealing design containing less clutter on the website. Your website visitors will associate the design with the product or brand quality. A clean design makes viewers focus on the brand value. Try to match your website’s color scheme with your brand for an attractive design.

Pick the correct fonts. They should fit the tone and message of your brand. Keep a consistent font in size and spacing. 

  1. Images and videos

Ensure that your website looks great and performs well simultaneously. For this, optimize your images to an appropriate size. Overloading your website with massive photos will give a less optimal experience to your users. Adding high-quality images that load faster will work the best for you.

Your website will look appealing with video content. Instead of loading multiple videos on your website, you can create your channel on sites. Host your content on websites like YouTube and Vimeo. They allow you to link your videos through a URL or embed them into your site.

  1. Avoid information overload

Do not overload your website with a whole lot of information. Add only the most helpful content related to your brand and product. Users are not able to retain too many details at a time. So, upload service and product information in a concise and clear form.

Crisp content will attract visitors and increase conversions. A good balance of text and graphics presents a clean and appealing page.

  1. Navigation

A confusing and difficult to navigate website may make your visitors leave and never return. Ensure that the user can navigate your site easily. Your menu should have clearly labelled tabs with the organization of related pages. Offer a straightforward way to return to the home page from anywhere on the site.

Streamline navigation by eliminating unnecessary pages or obsolete information. It will improve your brand’s online presence quality.

  1. Mobile -friendly

Make sure your website is mobile responsive. People love to spend more time on their mobiles nowadays. They prefer surfing a website that is mobile-friendly and offers a good user experience.

Readers are likely to abandon your site if they find it challenging to land on your website through mobile and read the content. A negative mobile user experience will reduce your Google search engine rankings.

  1. Call to Action

Call to Action or CTA is the first visitor to customer conversion. CTA increases the engagement level of readers with your brand. Invite them to subscribe to your newsletter to help them know your product or service more. Invite loyal customers to brand loyalty programs. Always include a CTA on your website, irrespective of what you want visitors to do.

  1. Incorporate SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO practices are critical to your website ranking. It is a cost-effective and well-organized way to bring free organic search traffic in the long run. Appropriate SEO practices like long-tailed keywords and attractive heading with meta descriptions can increase your ranking on search engines.

A good introduction with relevant content will optimize your site. Your customer traffic will increase on appearing at the top of a user’s search.


You might agree that there are many aspects you can use to build a good website. An appropriate user-friendly design and optimization will help engage visitors and enhance your brand value. Considering the above eight tips before building a website will help boost traffic.

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