Benefits of Promethean Interactive Displays for Classroom

Interactive displays are the demand of every classroom. They help to enhance the learning experience for the students and the teachers take less time to teach the students difficult lessons. A large number of schools are adopting Promethean Interactive displays for education.

Promethean World is well known for innovative and low maintenance interactive displays and the schools are finding its displays as an ideal long term investment for personalize learning and enhancing collaboration. Here are some benefits of Interactive displays made by Promethean which are proving to be user-friendly software tools for schools.  

Easy to Use

Promethean interactive displays are easy to use. They power up in second and provide a friendly user interface. These Interactive Displays for schools enhance the natural writing experience and eliminate the guesswork that causes frustration for students and teachers as well.

Promethean displays allow teachers to focus on the lesson delivery rather than on technology handling. The displays can also utilize educational and productivity-based apps from the Google Play Store. Promethean has enabled interactive displays with cloud-based lesson delivery and time-saving tools for teachers. The teachers can also give daily instruction through these boards with greater flexibility and interaction. 

Enhances the STEM Learning

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Promethean’s Interactive whiteboards in the classroom provide learning initiatives for both STEM and collaborative learning. The company has made the displays adaptable to the STEM curriculum by featuring the digital tools that enhance the teaching experience. They contain up to 20 simultaneous touch points and a simplified user interface. They also feature integrated WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity to make it easier for teachers to connect STEM-based apps and accessories

Helps School in Beating the Competition

Promethean’s Interactive whiteboards in the classroom are affordable for schools. They are packed with advanced technology that helps a school to stay ahead of other schools in terms of teaching. These displays are based on LED technology so they are maintenance-free and have extended life span. Schools can enjoy a single installation of the board for many years. The company has included lesson delivery software in them which helps the student to learn faster and give impressive results in the schools.

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