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There is a wide gamut of plugins that are available on the internet to optimize image plugins on WordPress. These plugins help a user to perform much work and enhance their content on WordPress.

For instance, it can be of great help to compress graphic content for the internet, or like resizing them, or reloading them. In this article, we would be looking at those optimization plugins, which are the best-voted ones on the internet; we would be looking at their features.

A few of the plugins have a one-size-fits-all optimizer. Still, a few others have quite a lot of unique advantages, which makes them all helpful. Still, all the plugins would help you in serving up your images faster!

Plugins that the internet swears by:

1.  Smush:

The internet never lies when it claims smush as one of the best image plugin optimizers. We can undoubtedly call it as the best plugin because it has all the features that would make you fall in love with it. Smush is a one-stop solution that has an image compression feature without losing any pictorial data.

It also has a feature of lazy loading and bulk loading, which can compress around 50 pictures at one go. It processes JPEGs, PNGs, and GIFs on super-fast servers, which frees up resources so that you are not compromising on the site performance.

2.  EWWW Image Optimizer:

This image optimizer losslessly and automatically optimizes all your graphic content as the user keeps uploading them on their WordPress site. Apart from that, the optimizer also compresses pictures that the user had previously uploaded on their site.

But by far, the best feature of this optimizer plugin is that it can convert all your pictures to a file format, producing the smallest size. It also optionally applies an effect on your PNG files so that you do not lose out on graphic data.

3.  Imsanity:

You should not be freaked out by the feature image of this plugin in WordPress’ repository of plugins. This is a free image compressor or optimizer that resizes images in a pre-programmed manner to keep them into a scalable quality without losing a lot of image data.

The best feature of this plugin, according to the internet, is that the user can set a maximum height, width, quality, and this plugin also enables you to convert all your BMP content to JPG or JPEG, so the images are scalable. You can also resize images in bulk, with the help of Imsanity.

4.  Imagify:

WordPress media’s Imagify is a well-known name when it comes to the optimization of WordPress images. Apart from that, it also enables the user to automatically optimize any graphic content whenever it is uploaded to the user’s site on WordPress.

Apart from that, it can also resize pictures in bulk. This plugin has three levels of compressing the images, and it can also convert them to a Web Page. You can optimize as much as about 25mb of graphic content, which roughly rounds about 250 pictures.

5.  Compress JPEG and PNG images:

This plugin integrates with two other popular image optimizers for WordPress, namely TinyPNG and TinyJPEG. With the help of this plugin, your pictorial content can be optimized automatically the moment you upload them onto your WordPress site.

With Compress JPEG and PNG, the user is also enabled to compress and optimize all the pictures that already reside in their media library, and it is to their discretion whether they want to do that in bulk or proceed one at a time.

The best feature about the plugin is the fact that it can encode progressive JPEGs, and can undoubtedly be called the best compressor when it comes to a compressor plugin in case of animated GIF files. The limit of this plugin is that if the user decides to compress and optimize more than 100 pictures per month, they need to upgrade to a paid account.

6.  ShortPixel:

The best fact about the said plugin is that it is not only an image compressor, but it also acts as an image optimizer, which is ABSOLUTELY FREE! That being said, it is like all other plugins in the list, which basically means that it compresses, optimizes, and resizes image content as soon as you upload them onto your WordPress site.

This is an absolutely hassle-free experience because it has the feature of both lossless and lossy picture optimization for JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF, and GIF format files. The plugin also has its very own image compressor, which works as a photo optimizer.

In a Nutshell

We hope that this list helps you with the dilemma of which optimizer plugin to choose from, and we hope that this list would help you in enhancing your WordPress content.

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