Evaluation of Laptops Worth Buying

Notebook computer, as a small integrated and portable personal computer. It has many advantages that desktop computer equipment does not have. Judging from the current market situation, the development of notebook computers is changing. It becomes smaller and smaller in volume and lighter. At the same time, its function is becoming more and more powerful.

The current notebook computers are two categories:Game type and office type. They each have different advantages. TheGame type pays attention to performance but has weak endurance. The office type has the advantages of strong endurance and portable. But its performance is defective. In view of some pain points of today’s consumers. Such as not knowing the performance and structure parameters of notebook computers. This paper has made some assessment of notebook computers.

The first one is aGame notebook computer, Lenovo R7000. Its cost performance is high compared with theGame. Its screen adopts a 100% RGB high colorGamut screen. It has a extensive improvement in color and brightness. In addition, it owns DC dimming technology, which can improve the viewing feeling. The new AMD Ruilong 7 mm standard voltage processor and dual-channel 16G memory demonstrate its specialty.

The second one is an office notebook computer suitable for daily officeUse, HONOR Magic Book 14. Among MagicBook 14 review, we can know that although it is a light and thin office notebook computer. Its performance is not bad. It owns AMD Ryzen 4000 series mobile processors and high endurance. At the same time, it has the typical function of HUAWEI products: multi-screen cooperation function. With multi-screen collaboration, cross-collaboration between HONOR smartphone and MagicBook 14 with easy click. Share the screen and files of your smartphone on MagicBook 14. You can edit them with the same content keyboard and mouse. The success of this series of work without jumping between devices.

In addition, The Ruilong version 16G of RedmiBook 16 . As a light notebook computer, has a high cost performance and is worth recommending. Although it is a light notebook computer, it has a 16.1-inch screen and its performance release is quiteGood. It owns a 6-core R5-4500U processor. 16G of operating memory and 512G of solid state disk capacity. Due to its price limit, its solid-state disk has average performance. And small battery capacity and weak endurance. In addition, it has a fatal defect. There is no camera.

Among the models appraised above. The price of theGame book is higher; the corresponding performance is more prominent. Office type is more prominent in its portable and lightweight. It meets the needs of daily life. Consumers need to make reasonable choices according to their own needs.

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