Facebook Vs Instagram – Where Should You Spend Your Advertising Money?

One has to undeniably admit that the advertisements on social media is highly cost effective, versatile, and an incredibly powerful tool that is used by marketers and owners of both small and large business enterprises. This is the best way you can reach out to your target audience, increase your brand recognition, improve the search engine rankings, boost sales, enhance the rate of conversion, and enjoy a significant increase in the traffic.

It isn’t a wonder that more and more number of businesses try to incorporate social media as a major part of their advertising and marketing strategies. According to a research done, facts point out that investments in social media advertising is bound to increase by 16 million dollars within the next two years. Does that sound way too impressive to you? It definitely should.

Which social media platform should you spend your advertising money on?

Whether you are an experienced marketer or simply a beginner, it is important that you know which platform (Instagram or Facebook) should you spend your advertising money on. Even if you have a casino website like onlineblackjack24.nl, knowing the right platform will help you lead your website to popularity.

  • Reach –

While Instagram has a total of 80 million active users Facebook has a way larger user base in comparison with 2.07 billion monthly users. Facebook will be the best option when you’re trying to increase the visibility of your brand by targeting a very specific age group. You will also have way more ad targeting options.

  • Engagements –

According to Instagram, almost 80% of the total users follow a particular business. Last year more than 120 million users visited different business websites, called a business, got directions, directly messaged or emailed a business. Though, Instagram is catching up Facebook is still leading the race with its huge ad targeting opportunities.

  • Demographics – 

According to a recent study it was found that Instagram is used more by young adults within the age group of 18 – 29 years, where 31% were female users and 24% were men. It proves that Instagram is more preferred by the young generation, whereas 79% of Facebook users were between the age group of 30 – 49 years and it is also popular amidst young adults. This proves that Facebook is a popular choice of all.

Both Instagram and Facebook are unbelievably amazing platforms for you to grow your business.  The platform you choose will entirely depend on what you are expecting from your campaign.

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