Forex Trading Bonuses and Promotions for Beginner Traders

Are you new to the trading world? If yes, then you must have been offered different forex trading promotions and bonuses by trading platforms to trade effortlessly There are plenty of ways a forex broker utilizes to make prospective clients stick to their online trading platform to increase its counting of members. It might come as a surprising thing to you that what benefits a forex trading firm gets by offering different forex trading bonuses and promotions to its members.

Well, there are plenty of ways in which a forex trading firm gets benefitted on offering forex trading bonuses and promotions to new members on their online platforms. It has been seen that a lot of forex trading bonuses and promotions have become a common tool for different trading platforms to lure new traders to try their luck in the trading medium. In this post, we have mentioned that different types of forex trading bonuses and promotions that a beginner trader receives on joining a forex trading platform.

The motive Behind Offering Forex Trading Bonuses and Promotions

As we mentioned above in brief that offering forex trading promotions and bonuses doesn’t come on the account of a trade platform’s own investment. It is the bait that a trading platform offers to its clients in order to attract more number of visitors to its online platform. One can consider it as a marketing strategy in order to lure people to come to their trading platform in order to invest their money effectively.

Different Types of Trading Bonuses

A bonus is offered to a beginner in the trading world by forex trading broker in order to attract new clients to allow them to try trading with no risk. A certain amount of sum is offered to beginners after they satisfy different requirements to get different types of bonuses. The Alpari trading platform offers 5% Alpari cashback to every trader in order to attract him to its online platform. Below, we have mentioned the different types of forex trading bonuses and promotions that one can easily get from different online forex trading platforms.

No Deposit Bonus

Usually, a trading platform demands to deposit some amount of money on getting a no deposit bonus from their online platform. However, in the case of no deposit bonus, one doesn’t need to invest any amount of money and one can simply dive into the trading world without worrying about money. No deposit bonus seems lucrative to all those people who are new to the trading world and have no money to try trading. It is highly important to read the terms and conditions of taking out your money once you joined any online trading platform. Sometimes, some online trading platforms might require you to trade until you invest money up to a certain limit.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonus denotes the benefits offered by trading platforms to visitors by adding a sum of money into their accounts when they arrive on a given online trading platform. It offers a wonderful opportunity to participate in trading with all those people who don’t have enough money to invest in online trading platforms. A high number of people make use of this bonus in order to get benefits from trading for free. Again, we must tell you that one must keep in mind all the terms and conditions stated by the online trading platform while signing up on any website.

Deposit Match Bonus

Under a deposit match bonus, a person will simply match a percentage of a person’s deposit and up to a certain maximum amount. To explain this, suppose you have a 20% match up to $5,000, and a person deposits $1000 then he will get a $200 bonus. And he will only be eligible for a maximum bonus of $5000. It is also a very lucrative bonus which acts as an excellent means for people to enjoy their investment in trading with ease.

To conclude this, we must say that every bonus type comes with certain requirements regarding the maximum cap on trading and the withdraw profits. With the passage of time, the terms and conditions related to bonuses as well as promotions have become a lot more strict. In short, we must state that a trader should only invest for those bonuses that one feels is suitable to do so.

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