Have Fun While You Earn Extra Income Using Swagbucks Rewards Program

Launched in Southern California in 2008, the web’s most popular loyalty and consumer rewards program- Swagbucks, gives the members of free rewards service in the form of free gift cards or cash for completing the everyday online activities like doing certain web searches, playing online games, watching advertisements or videos, and even shopping online. The members can make money through cashback rebates. They can also earn rewards in points, called SB, to redeem it for points for gift cards or cash. Per 100 SB points is for $1 USD in rewards.

About Swagbucks

The subsidiary brand of Prodege, LLC, a major Internet and media firm, Swagbucks owns different customer engagement brands. The company is based in El Segundo, California, and has many Swagbucks sister sites. The sister companies too, share the same ways of earning and reward programs.

What are the members in for?

The members are in for- earning extra income of around $50 to $200 every month while having fun. It can be considered a side project for professionals and a great extra income earning source for students. People can have fun and still earn during their downtime. The power users of Swagbucks generate excess of $400 every year utilizing the rewards program.

The company has recorded over 10,000 Swagbucks gift cards or PayPal money transfers everyday since 2008. They have more than $646 million in cash and free gift cards. The members can put their refund to great use when the cashback arrives in the wallet.

Best Swagbucks Sister Sites

Here is the list of all sister sites of Swagbucks which you may or may not be aware of.

  1. Superpayme, an online research group rewarding points to its users in exchange for their candid suggestions relating to a given company and its items. The activities are on a regular basis with the members getting Superpayme awards at the end of it all. The members have to be part of selected evaluations and research on companies they like. It was created in 2012 and has by now paid out over $3 million to their active subscribers.

  2. Rewardingways, a website to designate the users with research along with other regular tasks to be compensated later when they present their view and feedback on products and services analyzed. The members can earn rewards by internet shopping, pal recommendation, finalizing surveys, special deals, and working on paid projects.

  3. Prizerebel, a website offering the subscribers (residents of Austria, America, Canada, and the United Kingdom) a legit revenue compensation by being part of and performing a job. Till now the platform has paid more than $20 million worth of rewards to its members for doing these regular tasks. They have over 10 million effective subscribers earning additional income.

  4. Offernation, a program created to perform web-based research and compensate its members for the same. The program provides the individuals an extraordinary possibility to earn extra.They have demonstrated the program via the disbursement of 270,000 dollars to participants that complete the project assigned.

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