Hiring Full Time Developers vs. Outsourcing Developers – Pros & Cons

It’s a difficult decision to take when you need to hire developers for your project or company. Sometimes your decision costs you a lot if you have not gone through the pro and cons before hiring developers.

Basically, software development companies hire either full-time developers or outsource the developers. Both have their own benefits and disadvantages. It depends upon your need or project, regarding which one is suitable for you. In this article, we will briefly let you know the pro and cons of developers’ selection.

Full Time Developers

Full-time developers are hired by you for your project and they are dedicated to you up to the project timeline. A full-time developer spends minimum 40 hours for you in a week and can be paid on an hourly basis. But you have to teach him project details and other necessary information about the project. Full-time developers are like employees, hence a hirer has to provide him office, infrastructure, insurance, leaves, and equipments.


1) Full-time developers are committed to their work, hence a hirer can measure their accountability at any time.
2) Instant change can be done in the project if you are working with full-time developers.
3) Secrecy and privacy of your business remain in your organization.
4) Full-time developers work with high motivation to get enlisted as the permanent employees.
5) Having developers in house means you can take full benefit of technology stack and other developer tools.


1) Full-time developers are allowed compensation such as paid leaves, insurance, and many other benefits.
2) You have to keep a close watch on them because some of them can waste your precious hours on social media.
3) Termination of full-time developers is very difficult, hence go through all the legal aspects before hiring them.

Outsourcing Developers

It is considered the smartest choice to let your software project done by the outsourced developers. An outsourced developer basically works under an agency who hires him/her for a software development company up to the project timeline. Let’s know what are the pros and cons if you decide on outsourcing developers.


1) Outsourcing gives you a chance to hire the best developers only.
2) You can contact the best agencies according to the demand of your project.
3) A hirer can change the outsourcing team if he finds any serious problem with it.
4) Outsourced developers do not need to learn everything from you, they are already expert and skilled for the job.


1) You lose direct control on developers if you have chosen to outsource.
2) Security and confidentiality of your business may fall in danger when you work with outsiders.
3) Communication gap is also a major problem while working with outsourced developers.
4) Time zone should be matched with yours, if outsourcing agency is located across the border.

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