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How BaaS is Making Things Easier for Developers?

BaaS stands for Backend as a Service, and it is a bridge that connects the backend to the frontend of an application. It makes things easy for developer because it accelerates software development. And it also simplifies API creation.

It saves time because in stead of  coding the entire backend, a developer will use a BaaS. With the help of it he will create the APIs and link it to the applications.

All of the web and mobile applications need a set of features on the backend, like email notifications, social network integration like Gmail integration, cloud storage and many more. For this the API of each service must be incorporated into the app.

But the use of BaaS, the Backend as a Service, saves the time and complication, it makes the integration process automatic and easy. Here are the reasons how BaaS makes things easy

Cost Effective

Software projects are expensive and time consuming. The process of development is not automatized. Need of each client is noticed and the software is tailormade.

But with the introduction of BaaS to the process, the repetitive tasks are automatized. The time is saved and the resources( software engineers) can engage in high value activities.

This reduces the  development hours are allocated on the project and the total project cost becomes  much lower. BaaS can reduce the cost of a software project by 80%.

Enhanced Speed

If the tasks become automated, time is saved. And the development of Backend goes smoothly. The task gets four times faster and the MVP(Minimum Viable Product) is ready in no time

No need of full time backend developer

With the use of BaaS, there is is no need of a full time backend developer. The front end developer can build an entire software project alone without a backend developer when there is BaaS. But if it’s a large project then the backend developer can focus on high value task and leave the repetitive tasks to BaaS.

Parse is one of the biggest player in this market  with over 1 million applications on its platform. It was bought by Facebook two years earlier. There are also other players in the game like Firebase and Accengage.

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