How the 2019 digital trends impact Asian Markets?

How the 2019 digital trends impact Asian Markets?

The digital industry is advancing each year, with more and more companies going digital, and more advertisements coming up on the user screens. This year as well, several new digital trends have come up, which promise to shake the entire Asian market.

But why Asia?

Asia is more like a central hub for various technological advancements and digital innovations. And hence, any digital trend that takes up the world by a storm, is bound to severely impact the Asian market too.

Data Gravity

If you have ample amount of data, you can attract any customer or company you want. Data has become one of the most important elements of business today. This is important even when you are doing SEO of your website, as per the SEO Heroes agency. SEO Heroes agency is based in Thailand, and provides various services related to SEO to other clients.

Regarding the data, having ample data is necessary if you have to provide excellent customer experience. But the data pool is so huge, that it is impossible to store that at your local or international system. So for that, data warehouse becomes one of the best traditional solutions.

However, the ecosystem which brings meaningful data from this huge data pool is not robust enough to sustain. In addition to this, the traditional Extraction – Transform – Load process carried out inside the data warehouse is also very expensive in terms of bandwidth or integration.

Due to these issues, real time insights have now become the key of Asian businesses. These are called the moonshots. Several businesses and enterprises have started going for digital business moonshots from these warehouses.

And if proper infrastructure would be provided, this “moonshot” would not be a difficult approach, or out of reach, for all the businesses.

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