How To Get more Instagram likes in 2019

 Instagram likes also known as faves, double tap, and hearts which are the driving force for your audience putting out quality content for a long time. It is just like appreciation from your followers. If you are wondering how to get more likes then you have come on the right place. Here, we will discuss the ways to get more Instagram likes and skyrocket your following count.

1. Partner with other brands

Like Influencer partnership, consider partnering with the brand within your industry can help to get tons of likes and reach a number of people. But don’t have a partnership with the competing brands. Go a step further and partner with brands to host a giveaway together. It will boost your post engagement (likes and comments), increase followers and generate more sales

2. Promote your posts

However, Instagram is not as strict as its parent company Facebook when it comes to increasing the post reach organically. You can promote your brand or product using Instagram ads that help you to reach hundreds of thousands of people who are not your followers. Its targeting options let you select your target audience (who‘ll see your ads) with pinpoint precision.

If you are targeting your potential followers and your content is compelling, you will gain a number of followers who are interested in your brand which means more views, more share, more likes and more comments on your posts. You can also check out Social Buddy to get more followers.

3. Buying Instagram likes

Buying Instagram likes to let you grow your account in no time and without any effort. If you have no time then buying Instagram likes is a great way to grow your account and getting tons of likes within a few minutes.

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4. Carousel

Carousel format is a great way to share your photos like a photo album. It allows you to share a series of images in a single post. Use this format more often to showcase your different photos from the event, to create an Instagram story to share with your audience or to highlight the most popular items from your product line.

5. Post photos of customers and users

It is an awesome way to interact with your audience who make your brand as successful as it is. These type of posts are genuine and engaging that rack up more likes and help you to grow your account. Don’t forget to tag the people featured in these photos as it increases the odds to get more views, followers, post likes and increase interactions.

6. “Tag a friend” posts

The more you post engaging content, the more you get post likes and followers. Share most relevant content to your niche, brand, and product because it will engage more people who are interested in. Don’t always post promotional content, share funny videos, photos, and memes and ask your followers to tag your friend in the posts. For instance, you could share a humorous image and include a call to action in the description of post caption saying something like ‘tag your friend who also do the same’.

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