How to Increase Your Vertical Jump by 10 Inches

Whether you are figuring out to increase your vertical jump for sports or just for personal achievement, it can be a big challenge to achieve it. To increase your jump, you require guidance or effective ways on how to jump higher. The vertical jump can only be increased if you follow some mandatory physical activities that are also being followed by professional athletes. The professionals can jump 40 inches to put their whole arm into the basket. This level of the jump is an achievable task if you train your body properly.

Establish Your Goal

Before thinking about increasing your jump, you should set your goal. The goal that you have set can be challenging but at the same time achievable. Your goal should be based on your own life and circumstances around you. For example, how much time you can give to your goal. If you are able to put an hour of work, at least four to five times a week, then 10 inches in 8 weeks is a reasonable goal.

Do Proper Warm-Up

You can find best Vertical Jump Program on the internet, which would recommend a proper warm-up before workouts, because each vertical jump training exercise needs its repetition to be done continuously. Doing proper warm-up helps your body to complete those repetitions to get the ability to increase your vertical jump. Warm-up also reduces the chances of injuries and if the body is not ready, then it becomes risky to do vertical jump exercises.

Make Yourself Flexible

Vertical training is very tough and exhausts your muscles due to their high intensity. To complete the vertical jump training successfully, stretching should be performed before exercises that will give your body more movability. Flexibility also prevents you from injuries that are very probable during tough exercises of the vertical jump. Stretching your body improves blood flow in the body that results in quicker muscle regeneration and keeps your body light. Click here to know about how you can measure your vertical jump after making your body flexible and stretchable.

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