How to Protect the Computer System from Ransomware?

Out of all the malicious programs found on the internet, ransomware is the most deadly one. This is so because it intrudes the computer systems in order to gain access to sensitive data. Then, after the attack, the computer system is held ransom with the intention to extort money from the victim. And the worst thing is that there is no guarantee that attackers would return the important files post the completion of the payment. Hence, it is important to protect the computer system from ransomware using the following ways:

Backup Data on a Regular Basis

One of the safest ways to protect yourself from falling a victim to a ransomware attack in a computer system is to keep a backup of your data on a regular basis. It is a better idea to store the files in physical storage devices such as CD/DVD drives, USB, and other secondary storage devices available to you. In case you don’t have any physical storage device, it would be better to store the data on the cloud and it would not cost any money.

Check Email Identity Carefully

Whenever you receive a suspicious male from a receiver, then it is highly important on your part to check the email identity of the receiver in a careful manner. First of all, you need to check the legitimacy of the source before you download the attachment or comply with any request made by the sender. Check the name of the sender very carefully as he might be using the name of your friend or a family member to make you fall a victim to it.

Install a Good Antivirus Software

Another way to protect the computer is by making use of good antivirus software on it. You can try Zonealarm anti ransomware to give tight security to your computer. One can have both anti-malware and antivirus firewall installed on the computer in order to identify and filter known suspicious files. In the case of the failure of a firewall, the anti-malware tool will be there to detect and eliminate the suspicious files which could potentially harm the computer.

Ensure the Filtering of .Pdf and .Exe Files

Most of the attackers execute malware, viruses, and ransomware in .pdf or .exe file extensions. It is highly important to pay attention to the source of these files in order to verify it before downloading such files. And one should only exchange executable files via password-protected zip files or with the use of cloud services.

Don’t Visit Suspicious Sites

One of the popular ways for the entry of ransomware into the computer system is the visit of suspicious or illegal sites by users. Visiting such illegal sites can bring a lot of damage to the computer device. Hence, the best way to avoid falling a victim to a ransomware attack is by avoiding visiting such suspicious sites. The motive of hackers for operating such malicious sites on the web is to steal valuable information from the computer systems of the visitors. Ransomware can also enter your computer system from such sources and could steal a sensitive information from it.

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