How to Download Youtube Videos?

Is 300 MB Sufficient File size for a 2 hour Movie?

There is a popular belief that if the size of a movie is big, the quality would also be great. How true is that statement?

Today, you can find various sizes available for every file. When you are about to download a movie, there are options for around 300 Mb, 600 Mb, 1 Gb, and so on. Do you think there is any difference? Does the quality also changes with the file sizes?

Well, in some cases, they surely do. When you are planning to download a movie, if the file size is around 100 MB, then that is definitely a lower quality. But as you go up till 300 Mb and beyond, the quality is really good. 300 Mb Movies also give you the same quality in your laptop, as the 600 Mb movie would do.

However, when you talk about downloading Blu Ray movies, then the quality is exceptionally good. But besides that, almost every file size will provide you with similar quality of movie only.

So, if we are ask whether 300 Mb would be sufficient for a 2 hours long movie, it surely will be.

Streaming Websites

When you are downloading a movie, you can easily observe the file size. But when you are streaming a movie from popular websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or even YouTube, you don’t really realize how much data you are consuming.

Image Source: Behind Talkies

If you are watching movies in a normal mode, that is relatively low resolution, your internet would also be consumed low. If you have a knack for watching HD movies specially, then definitely a lot of data would be taken up.

It all boils down to 2 factors:

  1. The resolution of the video you are watching
  2. bandwidth of your ISP

These 2 factors would govern how much data would you consume while watching a 2 hours long movie. In any case, if you are not watching the HD movies, you would save on your data considerably.

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