Is Facebook Hacking Possible?

Facebook is the most used social networking site on the internet which has successfully connected the entire world. People from all across the world share their opinion, thoughts on Facebook. However, there are cases of breaching registered by people on Facebook. It is not really possible to believe that Facebook which enjoys a huge number of followers all across the world can face the problem of hacking. Facebook invests a lot of money in securing the accounts of people from hacking. Its security team does 24*7 duty to ensure the security of people’s facebook account and hence proving itself reliable to use.

Even though efforts to secure all the information are being made by Facebook’s security team, hackers know how to hack facebook using a number of methods. In this post, we will throw light on the usage of such methods by hackers to hack facebook accounts of people. Some free hacking softwares are also available which highlight their capability to hack Facebook easily. However, it is not really possible to hack it using such free hacking softwares. Instead, it could only harm the users’ privacy by stealing their important information with the use of viruses. Here are some of the popular ways which hackers use to hack Facebook accounts:


Phishing is the highly used method to hack Facebook accounts and steal the personal information of people to abuse it. Most of the hackers use this technique without even making people realize what actually has happened with them. In this technique, an identical webpage to Facebook’s main page is introduced to people which make them believe that they actually access their own Facebook account using this page. Hence, when they enter their personal details, hackers steal that information and use it for evil purposes.


Keylogging involves the stealing of personal details as well as other credential information about people by gaining information from their keystrokes. In this, with the use of software and hardware techniques, hackers steal all the information entered by users using keystrokes. Hence, one should avoid using the normal keyboard but instead fill-in the personal details as well as credential information using virtual keypad.


Whenever a person accesses his facebook account on a public network then it is possible for hackers to take control of his account for a session. During this limited time, it helps to access the user account and hence hackers managed to steal confidential information about users with ease.

Man in the Middle Attack

Another method to hack a facebook account is to divert the user’s route to a fake Wi-Fi Network. This method is adopted by hackers when users reach close to their target and all it requires it to divert the route to a fake Wi-Fi address. It is possible to do so with the help of software namely, Wi-Fi Pumpkin, or any other similar software.

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