Is it Legal to Sell CBD Oil Online?

CBD oil is becoming immensely popular among people because of the several health benefits that it offers. However, still there are many doubts about its legality for selling it openly at various medical shops as well as online sources. Since there is no regulation regarding its production so the quality of CBD oil differs broadly. Different states have different rules regarding its sale online and usage. There are 33 US states which allows its sale for medical purposes but many other states have not formed laws pertaining to its usage. In this post, we will throw light on the legality of CBD oil usage in the US and the UK.

CBD can be utilized in its most common form as CBD oil. Due to the various health benefits it offers, people have been demanding to legalize CBD oil for using it for medical purposes. Since the legalization of the usage of marijuana, the force for allowing the usage of CBD oil has become more intense. Currently, 9 states have allowed the usage of marijuana for medical purposes. And for CBD oil, both the federal and state laws differ on this subject to allow it for its usage. Recently, Donald Trump gave permission for its usage in various food products. On contrary to it, FDA announced the ban on the use of CBD oil in the food items and drink as it is not yet approved as safe to use.

Legality of CBD Oil

Now, the question arises, “is CBD oil legal to be sold online?” Well, it is allowed to be sold and use in over 30 US states and more states are on the verge of framing laws following its usage as well as sale. Out of the all states in which CBD oil is fully available, some of the names are Idaho, Nebraska, South Dakota. Some of the states which legally allows the online sale of CBD oil are Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Lowa, Kanas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee. The availability of CBD oil in these states is only possible for patients after citing some medical conditions.

And in the UK, Misuse of Drugs Act ensures the non-usage of cannabinoids and only allows CBD oil usage for medical purposes. Only that CBD oil which is derived from an EU-approved industrial hemp is allowed. However, the content of THC should only be limited to 0.2 percent in it.

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