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Mobile App Promotion Ideas for 2019

Mobile App SEO 

Whether you’re aware or not, Google also shows app results for related queries in its search engine. Cross-promote your app to mobile users, searchers, and bots. When your website is hit by iPhone, iPad, or Android browsers, provide a connection to download the suitable app for their phone at the top of the page.

Invite Reviews

People always care about what other people think. Therefore reviews (especially positive ones) are too important for your mobile app promotion. Invite your app users to share their feedback on your website, social media, and websites such as Yelp, Glassdoor, etc.

Keep Your App Updated

You tell the user that you value them and their feedback by updating your app on a periodic basis and upgrading it with fresh characteristics and techniques. Also you can push notifications of your updates and maybe re activate some of your ghost users.

Use Barcodes To Promote Your App

Create a barcode that contains your app’s information and downloadable link and supply it anywhere, in your advertisements, advertising materials, packaging, etc. This is one of the finest & latest technologies you can attempt to obtain more downloads in your own app.


Influencers are the new most efficient advertising type. They are mostly providing you organic customers and they help you reach your buyer persona. You should definitely consider influencer marketing for your mobile app promotion.


There are many options a mobile app owner can try to promote his or her mobile app.We wanted to clarify some trends to you, but you should continually search for new ideas and update yourself. If you want another third party company to deal with your mobile app advertising you can visit this site to learn more about opportunities.

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