Reasons why People Don’t Like Jomashop

Jomashop has been popular for offering almost every brand of watch on its website. It has gained popularity all across the world because of its low-priced watches. Almost every big brand watch is available on Jomashop and that too at a lower price in comparison to other online sources.

Still, many people don’t like to shop from Jomashop because of the number of reasons. In this post, we have discussed in detail the reasons due to which people don’t like Jomashop despite its claim of offering a big discount.

Not as Big Discount as it Claims

Jomashop got popular because of offering the big brands watches at a high discount rate. The grey market sellers take all its watch brands from authorized dealers. It offers luxury watches at the price which is 20% below the MSRP. However, if you choose other authorized dealers then the discount margin between Jomashop and them is not very high. So, people consider the discount on Jomashop as the hype and a way to market its products. It is one of the reasons people don’t like Jomashop for buying watches on a large scale.

Unauthorized Dealer

One of the biggest hurdles for people to trust Jomashop is that it is not an authorized dealer. Jomashop reviews don’t really fall in the negative side but still, the high authority of this source raises a doubt in people’s mind. If a person wants to buy a cheap watch then he will flock to the official Jomashop website in huge numbers. However, in the case of expensive and luxury watches, people don’t trust this website for buying.

No Warranty

The other big reason which prevents people from liking and trusting Jomashop is that it doesn’t offer any warranty from the original manufacturer to its customers. Since it is not an authorized dealer, it is not possible for Jomashop to give the facility of the original manufacturer’s warranty to its customers. Although Jomashop offers an in-house “warranty” to its customers, it is not sufficient to convince them. All it involves is the shipping of watches to a subcontracted bargain provider who doesn’t have any connection with the original manufacturer and the customers.

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