Technology Breakthroughs Responsible for the Revolution in the New Generation of Smartphones

Technology innovation has led to a big boom in the smartphone market as it has contributed to a lot of growth in this sector. The rising speed of technology innovation is changing people’s lives for the better. Plenty of smartphone brands are now introducing their new smartphones which are laden with innovative features.

All this has made a big contribution to the growth of the smartphone market on a large scale. In this post, we have enlisted a lot of technological breakthroughs that have contributed to a big change in the smartphone industry. Here is a list of technological trends due to which the smartphone industry has witnessed a remarkable change over time:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has made a big boom in the mobile industry and it has made people’s lives a lot easy. The availability of Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant, has really made a remarkable impact on the smartphone industry.

Mobile applications make use of AI technology to optimize the customer experience. In addition to this, cameras in mobile phones also make use of AI technology to yield smartphones with multiple features. Please check the user reviews about HONOR 9x. You will find that it has got a 48 MP AI Triple camera which makes photo-clicking a wonderful experience.

Location-Based Technology

Almost every smartphone application makes use of a mobile user’s location to provide him with important daily services in an easy manner. The best example in this context is the use of geofencing technology which allows mobile users to get notified about the available services when they pass near them.

Mobile Device Syncing with Homes

The use of automation technology has allowed people to sync their home gadgets with their mobile phones. It has made it possible for them to control & operate different home gadgets at their homes in an easy way.

All this has contributed to improving the customers’ experience at their homes. Now, it is even possible for mobile users to connect their home security cameras with their mobile phones to safeguard their homes.

Wireless Charging

With the technological revolution, it is quite possible to charge a mobile phone wirelessly. Different brands have made available features in their smartphones to develop “fast charging” techniques for reducing the charging times by two or three times. It has made it quite easy for every mobile user to use his smartphone in an excellent manner.

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