Tips to Rewrite Someone Else’s Article on your own Website

Content writers often need to rewrite other sites’ articles on their websites on various occasions. Hence, it is important to rewrite the entire article without plagiarising it. Below we have mentioned some tips to rewrite other’s articles on your own websites to make the articles look unique. As it is not possible to write unique content every time, so everyone resorts to the option of rewriting it. Follow the below-mentioned points to rewrite the articles on your website to impress readers effectively.

Keep it Unique by extracting the Idea

While rewriting, it is important to keep in mind that one should only extract the idea from the article instead of words. Once you extract the idea, then the next step is to mold it in your own words to make it look original. Every topic can be written in a number of ways and a given idea can be presented in a new way to appeal to the audience on a great scale. If you copy words in your article then you would not be able to give it a unique touch which is required to make it readable. With the help of paraphrasing tool, it is possible to rewrite the entire article with less content and new words. However, one should proofread it to avoid any level of plagiarism in it.

Just Consider Rewriting Paragraph by Paragraph

Instead of reading each line of a paragraph and rewriting it in your own words, one should read the entire paragraph to rewrite it in your own words. Going through the content paragraph wise would reduce the chances of repeating the same words again. Hence, by following this principle, you will be able to add some new ideas into your articles which are very important for the

Put Some Changes in the Original Content

You should not be feared about introducing new changes in the article. If you have any new idea then you should try to include it along with the old ideas mentioned in the original article. By adding new changes to your article, you also reduce the chances for plagiarism. The more content you add into your article, the more will be the chances for it to look unique to readers. Adding new content according to your own knowledge would lead to an increase in the value of your article and it could even surpass the number of readers of the original one.

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