What are the most popular Smart Phone Assistants?

Every sophisticated device requires a voice-controlled assistant. It sends voice commands, does voice searching and many other jobs. All smartphones require smartphone assistants like this. It is present on all android and windows phones nowadays. Following is the list of most popular smart phone assistants.

1. Siri

Siri is one of the famous and most useful smartphone assistants. It can provide you top level of service even when you are engaged in something. For example, if you are driving, Siri can send you texts. Also, you might be busy eating. Or you might be engaged in any other purpose for which your hands are full. But Siri is always at your service. Whenever you need Siri, you will be helped. It tells you about which are the important calls and which are spam calls. If you are preoccupied and are receiving a call, Siri will provide you an option to reject that with a message. But Recently, Siri was in the news for all negative reasons when BigTime Daily reported about the glitch where Siri showed Donald Trump’s age as a penis.

2. Cortana

It is another very useful smartphone assistant. It works across a number of devices and helps to coordinate with windows apps. Its special feature is that it helps to keep reminders. This is very helpful. As you might have a meeting scheduled at a specific time in a particular day. Or you have an interview. Cortana is an assistant that will remind you of it. The reminders may be time-based, location-based or simply photo reminders.

3. Alexa

Alexa is Amazon’s device. That is, it is the virtual assistant of Amazon. If you own an Amazon enabled speaker or an Amazon Echo device, “Alexa” is the name that you call out. This is while you are asking a question. It has been integrated in a lot of devices of the company. Basically, it helps you to clear your doubts about the software devices of the company that you are using. It operates via the usage of voice. Hence it is known as a voice assistant.

4. Google assistant.

It is perhaps the most sophisticated voice assistant right now. The biggest advantage is that once you speak to it, it recognises you voice. You don’t need to say “Hey, Google”, every time you are going to use it. It offers a lot of services like read you your messages, control your devices and music, run timers, etc. It helps you to find information online, like bookings in movie theatres, hotels, etc.

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