What Kind of Ergonomic Mouse Should You Buy?

Ergonomic Mouse is a type of computer mouse that is specially designed to decrease muscle strain and discomfort generated while using the computer mouse.

Ergonomic Mouse is designed in such a way that it fits in your hand in a natural position and prevents you from injuries like arthritis, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

These injuries tend to happen especially for people who spend hours while working with a mouse on the computer system.

Now that we know what an ergonomic mouse is and why it is essential. Let’s check out which type of ergonomic mouse you should purchase.

Different Types of Ergonomic Mouse to Choose From

Below is a complete list of ergonomic mice out of which you can choose the best suitable mouse according to your requirements.

1. Vertical Mice

Unlike the traditional two-buttoned mouse, vertical mice are vertical in shape, though their working is similar to that of the conventional mouse.

It beats a traditional mouse in multiple departments which include putting your arms in a comfortable position, looks, and comfort. Extra buttons on vertical mice can be accessed easily because of the different thumb position.

It also makes you use your hand’s stronger muscles to mobilize the mouse position, which is beneficial health wise.

They are available in both wireless and wired versions. Its price range starts from $14, which is costly when compared to a traditional mouse.

It needs a bit of time to get used to it and may confuse other computer users in the beginning. Also, it’s not an ideal choice for professional gamers or if you are opting for high-performance gaming purpose.

2. Trackball Mice

A trackball mouse is specially designed to prevent wrist injuries. It remains in a stable position, less mobile, and takes less effort when compared to vertical mice.

Also, it allows the user’s hand and wrist to rest in a more comfortable and natural position. With the help of a trackball mouse, the user can cover an infinite area because of the stability of the Mouse.

One of the key benefits of a trackball mouse is that it’s possible to use it even on uneven surfaces where it’s hard to move the Mouse.

It can be switched to both, finger or the thumb options whatever suits the user.

Though it’s an excellent option when it comes to preventing wrist pains, there are certain limitations with it as well.

  1. Just like a vertical mouse, it’s not an ideal choice for gaming option.
  2. It’s not an ideal choice for people with small hands or kids as it’s a bit larger in size when compared to that of a traditional mouse.
  3. If you are habitual of using a traditional mouse, you may face initial difficulties as it requires some time to adjust.
  4. There’s a possibility you might not get comfortable even after using it for weeks because of the sharp learning curve.

3. Tweaked Traditional Mice

When it comes to ergonomic Mouse, the tweaked traditional Mouse is considered to be the king among the three types. The shape of this type of Mouse is a bit tilted but lesser than a vertical mouse.

Apart from the above structure differences, a tweaked traditional mouse almost looks and feel like a conventional mouse. It’s available in multiple models to choose from, and it’s effortless to use and adaptable for others to use your computer.

It’s less ergonomic when compared to vertical and trackballs mice. If we talk about the prices, it’s a bit costlier than the other two types of ergonomic mice.

One of the key benefits of tweaked traditional mice is that you need no time to adjust to the changes and feels like a traditional mouse.

Final Words

Sitting in one position for hours certainly is harmful to a human body, especially when use instruments like a mouse that can create acute pain.

Therefore changing a mouse is a great way to reduce the chances of any type of disorder. If you continue to use your traditional Mouse, there are high chances that you may require surgery in the upcoming time.

We will recommend you to go for the third type, i.e., tweaked traditional Mouse as it’s easy to adapt. If you have a tight pocket, you can go with the second type – trackball mice.

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