Why is Social Media Marketing Difficult?

Why is Social Media Marketing Difficult?

People usually believe that social media marketing is easy. All they need to do is publish a post and expect people to start following you.

Well, this is not at all the case. Not every company has been able to succeed in social media marketing, no matter how huge the turnover or successful the company is. But why do you think this is difficult? What things do the company do that make this so difficult?

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons which make social media marketing a difficult task.

You feel lost

When we talk about social media marketing, the first channel we get in mind in Facebook. But so is the case with every company, which makes Facebook practically a hub of every marketer. This leads to a massive rat race in this kind of marketing.

With so many companies in this world and everyone on Facebook, there is a huge fight on reaching top. Not every company gets a fair chance to reach its target audience, and thus you find yourself getting lost in this saturated world.

Giving up gets common

When you feel that your posts and ads are going unnoticed, you tend to give up quickly. And this can be highly possible when you are dealing with products like cannabis or medicines. They usually have a low audience and some people might even shy away from reacting to your posts fearing getting noticed.

Some other factors that can lead you to quit can be

  • Not enough followers even after a long duration
  • People do not like your posts despite having a large following
  • Low reach in non paid posts, and so on.

Various factors make it easy to quit, which eventually leads you to fail in social media marketing. So here, the secret lies in persistence and going niche. The more you target a niche segment, the better results you will start to notice.

Negative response

Sometimes it happens that a thing goes wrong with 1 of your customers. But instead of solving that out with you, that person prefers spreading negative word of mouth of your company on Facebook.

And that is quite a natural human tendency.

But instead of dealing with this situation calmly and actively, people prefer backing out and leave the platform. This adds to another failure and another point as to why social media marketing is difficult for many.

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