Why more Lawyers are hiring SEO Agencies?

Why more Lawyers are hiring SEO Agencies?

SEO is the best technique if you have to generate some organic traffic. And organic traffic means getting those people who are really in the need of your service.

If you are a lawyer or a law firm, you definitely need a website where people can contact you. And to run that website successfully, you need SEO for lawyers or law firm done properly. Most of the companies go for either in house SEO team, or hire an external SEO agency.

Even lawyers today are hiring SEO agencies in large numbers, because let’s face it, quality SEO is not cheap. And being a lawyer, who is heavily dependent on the clients, you can’t really depend on the SEO done by mere inexpert employees. And that is because,

You need passionate people for SEO

Not every web developer can do good SEO. A person might be great with designing websites. But please note, designing websites is an entirely different profession from marketing those websites. And SEO forms the major crux of that marketing.

So when lawyers need SEO done for the website, they really can’t depend on their employees who also designed their website. And that is the reason they pick SEO agencies, who are really experts and professional in what they do.

After all, you will notice results then only, when the SEO is done right.

Content on your website

Designing of the website is done. Great!

Next comes the content. If you are handling the SEO yourself, you would want to add the content to your website yourself too. Also, you might be tempted to give the write ups for your website yourself even when you are getting things done from external SEO agency.

Because who would know about your company or what you do, better than yourself. Right?


Though you know your work and company yourself, you would be tempted to use the jargon you have been studying over the years. And that means whatever goes on your website would be understandable by the lawyers alone.

But your website is being made for the general public. And the external SEO agencies know how the minds of that public work, and what would they understand easily. So let the content part on your website also be designed and curated by the agencies only.

Since the lawyers need someone to write on their website, and also take care of promoting it to the right audience, they go with the SEO agencies.

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