3 Countries Well Known for Web Hosting

3 Countries Well Known for Web Hosting

You will find hosting in almost all countries. But not every country offer equally good benefits for the web hosting. There are few countries which are popular exceptionally for providing the best web hosting services.

Though the countries may have higher cost of living, and expensive products. But when it comes to web hosting and data privacy and security, never compromise with that cost. Because your website is all due to which you are living.

Here are few of the countries well known for hosting services.


Australia is more or less cut off from the rest of the world. So if your hosting is provided in this location, it is the best. While USA can cater to all the other parts of the world, south east Asia and nearby areas are usually hampered due to the distance.

Having web hosting in Australia gives you that benefit of reaching out to these South East Asian countries easily. Check out the best Australian web hosting providers for your upcoming business.


The Netherlands rank second, just behind Finland, when it comes to freedom of the press. And they are really very strict with their privacy measures. This very fact makes Netherlands hosting one of the best and secure web hosting in the world.

There are numerous examples where the web hosting companies in the Netherlands forced the government to bring legal papers for shutting down a website, which of course they couldn’t provide. Hence, the Netherlands makes one of the best choices.


The United States has world’s most number of web hosting companies, and hence, the competition here is also extremely tough. This has a huge benefit to the general public, who want to purchase web hosting services.

Since competition is tough, the hosting providers usually give the services at very low rate. This comes as a beneficial deal for the people looking for web hosting for their websites. And that makes USA another popular country that is favored a lot when it comes to hosting services.

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