3 Major Types of Fonts you should know about

3 Major Types of Fonts you should know about

If you work frequently on your laptop or a computer system, then you definitely would have come across several fonts here and there. While some might have become your favorite, where you use in maximum places, some might have repelled you instantly.

But nevertheless, all the fonts make a very important part of advertising. Each font speaks its own language, and hence, is necessary for different occasions. Here we will talk about few of the fonts which you should definitely be aware of. You might need them at some or the other place, if you are into a field where fonts are important.

While some fonts might come for a price, that is, you might have to purchase and download the font, there are fonts which are freely available. For example, you can easily find gotham font free of cost online. If not all, some fonts can definitely be bought freely. So make sure you search for the price efficiently on the web. Here are some of the major types of fonts.

Serif Fonts

These are the most classic of all time. In these fonts, each letter will be having small feet or dash in the above and bottom lines. Serif fonts are present ever since the time of Romans. And the Romans were the ones who popularized this kind of font, by flaring the brushstrokes at the top and bottom of each letter.

One of the highly popular font which you might have been observing ever since your childhood, that is the Times New Roman, is also a serif font.

Sans Serif Fonts

They are just opposite to the Serif Fonts. While serif fonts have protruding feet, these sans serif fonts do not have any such extension or brush strokes. That is the reason these fonts are many times preferred today due to being clean and efficient.

Since they are less detailed, they are suitable for all types of screens and font sizes. They are bold and shout volumes.

Script Fonts

If you are a fan of cursive handwriting, then script fonts are for you. These fonts mimic that cursive handwriting, and can become both formal and casual. The script fonts are some of the most fanciest fonts, due to which most of the party invitations, newspapers, etc. have these kind of fonts.

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