3 Photography Tips for First Time DSLR Users

My friend recently got his first DSLR camera on his birthday from his father. After unboxing the camera, he got confused with many dials and buttons. He found it very nasty to use and put the camera in auto mode. When I come to know about this, I decided to visit him.

I taught him three powerful tips about DSLR camera. Now my friend shoots like a professional cameraman and occasionally sends me some of his best clicks. And when he has benefitted, I thought to share the same tips with you as well.  

Try all Shooting Modes

A first time DSLR user keeps shooting in auto mode but there are many other shooting modes available on the dials including Av, Tv, P, and M. Shooting with different modes will teach you, how your camera functions in different lights or locations. When we select auto mode, the camera shoots an image according to possible exposure. The other controls Av, Tv, P, and M let you control the exposure, aperture, and shutter speed.

Follow ISO Numbers

ISO is a term in DSLR photography which measures the sensitivity of the camera’s sensors to the surrounding light. ISO sensitivity is numbered from ISO 100 to ISO 6400, and these numbers estimate the amount of light needed to obtain the given exposure. At a low sensitivity, more light is required, and at high sensitivity, less light is required. Whether you are a mountainbike photographer or a geological photographer, if you succeed to understand the algorithms of ISO numbers, you will be able to click the best images of your life.

Understand the Focus Modes

It does not matter what shooting mode and ISO number you are using if you have not learned about camera focusing. The focusing depends upon what kind of image you are clicking. And if a perfect focus is not applied during shooting, your image will not be like as you want. DSLR cameras have two autofocus, namely, AF-S and AF-C. AF-S is for clicking stationary things, and AF-C is for capturing moving things.

Use these tips and you will surely be able to capture some of the nice shots ever.

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