8 Strategies To Use in 2019 For Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is often referred to as the leader when it comes to content management. Approx 29% of the websites are created using WordPress. It is basically the user-friendly platform that particularly helps in driving maximum traffic towards the site. An engaging and informative content not only optimizes your website but even enhance website ranking. With the increasing online trend, businesses, today, are taking the usual steps to enter the online market. Well planned and effective strategies are required in order to attract a vast number of users.

There are certain aspects upon which we need to work precisely in order to make the WordPress blog quite appealing and attractive. In order to make your WordPress blog the best one, don’t just rush behind the SEO experts. Obviously, they really help you out but there are certain things you can use and make it commendable without investing in their services. Take a look at the essential tools and strategies you should use in 2019.

  • Important locations of the keywords

The two most important locations for the keywords should be title and header tags. Keywords and its variations are obviously used throughout the content. The single keyword should not be used again and again as it does not only look horrible but also makes the content non-optimized. The main keyword that you are focusing on should be precisely used and the title tag is the most preferable location. Using it in header tags would allow users and Google to know about the matter of your content.

  • Selection of the WordPress theme

The themes of the content play a vital role in controlling the visual appearance of the website. Rather including just a plain, simple and ongoing content, include some customized features like exciting photos, videos and many more. There are free and paid themes that can be included in the WordPress blog. While changing the themes, which obviously is a slight difference might greatly impact the looks of the blog. In the WordPress dashboard, click on appearance and the theme. Move ahead and click on ‘Add new button.’ You would come across thousands of themes and select the one which is appropriate.

  • Customizations and plugins

Once you are done with completing the blog, you would obviously want to add usual elements including galleries, slides and contact forms and so on. In order to use all such elements, plugins are required. Through the WordPress plugin, which is an app, one might add new and exciting features to the website. No matter whatever you want to accomplish, plugins would surely help you out. However, one should be pretty sure regarding the backup, security, and performance of such elements.

  • Revitalize old post

With the use of reviving old post, an efficient SEO tool, one might save lots of time as it automatically posts the content to the social media. Rather let your post remembered for short span; ensure auto share at regular intervals through marketing tool named ‘revive old post.’ Different options are set regarding the intervals after which it would be shared, the number of posts to be shared on a daily basis and many more. With slight changes, it can be shared frequently.

  • Set your site with Google search console

Make sure you set up your website with Google search console which formerly was called Google Webmaster tools. It greatly helps in providing important notifications and SEO warnings. In case, Google experiences certain issues in accessing and indexing or crawling your site, this is the point when you would be notified. In case any penalties are imposed against your site, you might know easily. It would even help you know the links and contents that are highly popular and drives maximum traffic.

  • Content length of the keyword is an important consideration

Thorough research is being carried out with respect to the length of the keyword. Contents with higher rankings usually have the content length of approx 2000+ words. However, it does not mean that the shorter content does not rank higher. One thing which you should keenly focus while creating a WordPress blog for 2019 is its enriching content rather the length of the content. Research on the type of keyword to be included; whether the content would match the reader’s goals or not and many more.

  • Optimize your WordPress blog and site for speed

Site speed is not the sole factor of ranking; user experience is equally an important consideration. When the loading time for any page increases, there is a consequent increase in page abandonment. With the use of Google PageSpeed Insight tool, one might determine how quickly the sites can be loaded. Other recommended fixing that should be made include image optimization, browser caching and enable compression that takes a lot of time for the page to load. Plugins can be used to tackle the speed factor of the blog.

  • Link building should still be focused on

Throughout the post, one might come forward to different internal ranking factors or the changes made within the site to increase traffic. However, getting external links for the site is still challenging. Link building strategies should be made so that one might contribute to a direct ranking factor.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, there are many more things that one should consider especially for optimizing the WordPress blog. Although one might not excel in the technical features, taking the help of efficient SEO experts would be a better idea. Take the help of JoelHouse.com.au and plan in a better way. Optimize your site with effective strategies in 2019.

Only driving traffic through unwise methods is not beneficial. Make sure the content is really beneficial and informative for the users. Different tools and techniques could help your rank better. If you are starting a new WordPress blog, make sure you know about the specific aspects of it. Check out the blogging ideas rather copying it. Use the idea and develop fresh content. Shifting the site to HTTPS is strongly encouraged as it is loaded with many benefits.

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