Amala: A life on lockdown – Book Review

Julia George, Author of Amala: A life on lockdown, is gaining a lot of attention in the media for a huge achievement. Being an Actress, a performer and now an Author, she was ecstatic to share her recognition from Best kindle as upcoming author 2020.

Reading the book, many women in Asia have opened up to her about similar situations of abuse they are going through. So she is organizing a fund raiser to help these abused women. These women need a means to live and need means of survival. She knows a few women in US and in parts of Asia.

She added that she is sending in a signed copy to those who donate money to her
fundraiser. Her birthday coincidentally falls on May 22nd. She is happy that right around her birthday time and the release of her new book, she is able to help women through this noble cause.

Julia George added that she never dreamt the response will be so huge. She is happy that its all working out for the best, and the book has opened up a new venue for her to raise awareness regarding abused women.

Please donate with a kind heart so she can send you in a signed copy of her book.

Julia George is also hoping that she could make her book into a beautiful movie and raise awareness to all by finding the right producer and the right cast for the movie.
But for now feel happy to read this gripping story.

Go get your copy today, and wish Julia George, the author, more success her way for sharing a story about this helpless girl, who through some help was saved or was she??

Its the best time to start a lock-down diversion hobby.

The book is available in 13 countries at present. Get your direct copy via Amazon or kindle.

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