Are You Compatible? Why Online Casinos Must be Mobile-Friendly in 2019

If you’ve not yet heard about the importance of updating websites to be mobile-friendly, then this article is going to make things a lot clearer as to why compatibility is now the sole focus of business wishing to gain very distinct advantages in the highly competitive online market.

Since 2009 the use of mobile phones has taken precedence over desktop usage, where the balance is currently 51% over 49% in favour of the mobile across the worldwide web. The impact of this hits online casinos and other online business.

The Importance of Compatibility

It wasn’t until studies were carried out in 2016 that the trends became glaringly clear. The rise of the mobile was actually evident in 2010 when desktop use began to drop, the only alternative source to replace this at the time was the mobile. Each year passing from this point, the mobile picked up 10% of the Internet’s usage.

In 2017, it was estimated that mobile web traffic would increase to 79% in 2019, this was taken on board by, which was the first Swedish comparison site for online casinos to change its compatibility profile. In 2018, they were on Google’s first page for online casino keywords and grew its user interactions by more than 35% on top of what they originally had. This meant more clicks on their website pages for players interested in all forms of online gambling and live interactive betting.

Google, who updated their search engines back in 2016 was clearly aware of the trend and the companies which failed to heed the warning signs now lose a lot of interest.

The Shift in Casinos’ Responsive Design

Responsive design alters the current display of your website, for many online casinos, the alternative as to create mobile apps which would auto-resize the content. This led to a drastic change in appearance by simplifying the content and producing better mobile navigation.

Having a casino that is well-executed under responsive design, will ensure that the mobile experience is attractive to the user. Feature of the site become more freely accessible and faster. Any bad experience and numbers will drop. Compuware in 2011 found after a study that bad experiences can cost.

  • 57% of users would not recommend a casino if the mobile site was bad.
  • 40% of users have turned to other competitors of the casino.

If any online casino did not go through responsive design and was found to be hostile to mobile users or was to function very slowly, your ranking on Google will suffer dramatically.

Adaption of Technology 

Casinos must consistently update their services as digital technology changes seemingly year on year. Flash®player was the recent cull in the mobile gaming front as software developers started to integrate their games with HTML 5 technology, making Flash® near enough obsolete.

The next stage for mobile casinos is to adapt their games for Virtual Reality Accessories. Because the trend in web traffic has altered to mobile and tablet use, this now requires for casinos to be able to provide a Virtual Reality experience which, according to the stats, will be played on mobile phones rather than any desktop or laptop device.

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