Bar Etiquettes To Follow With A Bartender

Drinking in a bar is certainly an experience in itself. BYOB parties are still cool but a physical visit to a bar is something that can’t be matched. Few people know that there is an unsaid list of codes between a bartender and patron. If followed, these codes can get you perks from the bartender. Here are a few.

Best Way Of Ordering A Drink

This tops the list of the most common mistakes that patrons make. While ordering a drink, patrons generally follow their ego. It’s best to listen to the bartender intently before ordering. Most of the inexperienced patrons don’t trust the bartender’s experience and just order what they’ve been ordering for a long time. Reading the menu and listening to the bartender might not be a bad idea. In fact this may help you experience something which experts have crafted after years of experience.

Be Nerdy But Give Space To Work

Bartentenders love conversations on slower days. But this doesn’t mean that you start ranting your personal stuff without understanding their space. It must be kept in mind that your place of party is someone’s place of work. They must be allowed to work peacefully to serve you the best.

Not Always ‘Not Too Sugary’

One of the most common instructions given to a bartender by the patrons is to ask them to cut the sugar. This implies a lack of trust in the bartender’s skill. Almost all cocktails require sweetness to balance the flavors. Your asking to cut the sugar is only going to spoil the balance of your drink, like with the amf drink. Let the bartender continue with the original specs of the drink. Afterall, it took hours to develop a certain drink which has a balance of flavors and potency. Know about amf drink recipe here.

Don’t Get Personal

Oh this one is classic! Do not cross the boundaries of a professional relationship. Some people can just go on and on with personal questions. These questions might put off a bartender who isn’t interested in them. Asking about a bartender’s personal life is a big No.

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