Big Chains vs Local Business – Who should you shop with?

When you go to the market to buy any item of daily use, you will come across local stores as well as big chain stores to purchase your stuff. Well, most of the people get attracted to the supermarkets and end up buying stuff from there. However, there is enough proof which states one should prefer to buy stuff from the local stores in their city. Read below to know the reasons why you should buy things from the local market stores instead of big chain stores.

Fresh Quality and Low Price

One of the most prominent reasons which justify buying from local stores is the quality of products as well as reasonable price. If you buy food items such as fruits and vegetables from big chain stores then it does not remain fresh till the time you eat them. This is so because a majority of components of food items such as vitamin C gets disappeared from it in the long journey of transportation from one state to another. Also, such food items don’t remain fresh and also all the major ingredients are lost from these items. Hence, it is better to buy things from local stores as you will not only get a fresh item but also the price will be reasonable as there is less maintenance cost in the sale of such fresh food items. Local store owners buy things from local farmers which ensures the freshness as well as the high quality of food items.

More Employment Opportunites for Local People

It has been found in the economic study in Salt Lake City that local stores contribute more to the economy of the city in comparison to the big chain stores. Also, it gives more opportunities to local people as they could buy stuff from local farmers and sell fresh food items to the local people. In terms of services also, it was noticed that Salt Lake City Barbers belonging to the local region made more contribution to the growth of the economy in comparison to the big chain barbers. Local stores not only boost the economic growth of the local region but also it prevents migration of local people to other states as they get employment there only.

Puts Money Back into Economy

With my experience working with Salt lake city barber shops, I found that local stores contributed half of their revenue into the economy of the local region. Whereas, big chain stores don’t contribute even half of their revenue into the economy. Local stores also contribute to the economy by giving jobs, local spending, and charitable giving. While this is not the case with big chain stores.

After the discussion on the above-mentioned points, one can conclude that local stores contribute more than big chain stores into the economic growth of the place. Also, these places give fresh and high-quality products or services to the local people that too at a reasonable price.

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