CloudMounter – What is it?

CloudMounter can be termed as the system utility that would allow the mounting of the different cloud storage and web servers to the Mac device as local disks. The user can also connect to other devices like Microsoft, Onedrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3, FTP, WebDav servers, etc. like they are located on the user’s machine.

Cloud Mounter has some excellent features handy that makes this very much versatile and add much-supported cloud storage. The user can also have total control over the files that are available online.

Also, the Dropbox Encryption along with, Google Drive, and OneDrive accounts are available now in CloudMounter. They are available in the free versions with free encryption features.

Features Of CloudMounter

Let us now discuss the Features of CloudMounter:

  • With CloudMounter, the user can have storage space on their devices that can be increased if required and avail the same features like the hard drive. This tool helps in connecting the cloud storage to the various accounts of the user like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, OneDrive, etc. to Mac’s finder to help the user get services similar to the local Drive. The user, if desired can also add encryptions if they want an extra layer of security and not want to run out of storage anymore.
  • This tool also helps in connecting to the leading cloud services of the world having various gigabyte plans and also unlimited ones. This tool is very much apt for laptops having very low storage or the hard drives that have been renewed. CloudMounter as a tool also doesn’t sync the files to the local drives and ensures that there is enough space for other important files to stack.
  • CloudMounter also offers a faster way to access a cloud storage drive from the user’s Mac’s Finder. This will help the user to search, drag, drop, and access all sorts of files in a faster process. This tool also suggests the user to not access the files by logging into the systems through heavy web browsers.

  • This tool helps the users access the files that are available in the user’s cloud storage account. This tool helps in setting up the logins and authorizations for the cloud storage providers from its menu. CloudMounter now supports Dropbox encryptions, along with encryptions for Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, etc. More services like OpenStack Swift, Box, Backblaze B2, WebDAV, etc. So you can easily map Dropbox as network drive with the help of CloudMounter and be sure of the security of your data.
  • CloudMounter checks the development of the transfers, uploads, and many such updates happening along with the information icons. This tool allows the user to move the files between the cloud platforms right from the finder and check the development as they happen as daily file tasks.
  • This tool also helps in securing the cloud data encryption and helps in encrypting sensitive data on the cloud storage of the user. CloudMounter, with the help of the AES-256 standard encryption protocol, ensures the securities of the files. This guarantees the user to check if their files are free during an attempted hack or breach.

We would appreciate your feedback on the CloudMounter tool. Let us know your experience below.

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