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Colorful Website Design vs Black and White Design – Which is Better?

While creating a website, we often come across this question. How should we proceed? Should we use a colorful theme, or should we go with the black and white design?

Do you also come across such a question? What can be a good solution to this? Or in other words, which one out of the two is a better option?

Questions are way too many. But the solutions are not normally available. Here we will talk about colorful design vs black and white design, in which the websites are usually divided.

Colorful Website Design

There are numerous websites, such as sk-bonus.com (https://sk-bonus.com), or hu-bonusz.com (https://hu-bonusz.com), which believe in going all colorful with their website design. Majority of the websites on the internet are using different colorful themes in their designing.

When websites are colorful, people feel happy and engaged. They start spending more time on the website. Such websites also attract a lot of users due to their designing.

But one of the flaws here, which eventually become a boon for black and white themed websites, is that the attention of people spreads out everywhere on the website. When the themes are colorful, people also like to look at the designing, instead of focusing entirely on the content.

Black and White Design

When we talk about black and white design, we only mean the theme which is black and white. The text you add, or the images you add, can surely be colorful. This is also one of the popular patterns that some of the websites are following in the world.


Black and white are 2 ends of the spectrum. Using any other color in the spectrum will illuminate on the black and white background. That is the reason why websites are using such themes, so that the content or images they post on their pages receive undivided attention.

But, though people feel focused, they do not really like to come back on the website again and again.

So. in conclusion, colorful themes are good and engaging, but keeping the colors to the minimum side definitely guarantees undivided attention from the visitors.

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