Create your own App without Coding

Previously you had to be a programmer in order to make an application. Creating an app before was a hard chore. It normally would take weeks, months, or even years to come up with the version of the application you want. Now, thanks to modern technology, you can create your own app without coding. Yes, you read it right; you can launch your application without any prior programming experience.

Over the last few years, numerous websites have emerged that lets you easily create your own application. No need for extensive computer and programming skills anymore. 

We are talking about websites that offer you simple tools to create your application. Just like Wix and Squarespace, where you can drag and drop content to create your website. These companies allow you to drag and drop content, but in this create to create applications not websites.

The kind of applications you get from using these companies’ tools are relatively simple. If you want a more complex mobile application development then you would need to hire a developer who is an expert in programming to create these for you.

It is also worth noting that having an active application on Google’s play store or iTunes undergoes different conditions for each store. 

For Google’s Play Store, you are required to pay a $25 registration fee before you become an application seller. 

For iTunes, you are required to pay an annual fee of $99.

When your application is up and running, both companies will get 30% of your sales.

Create your own app without Coding

As we have mentioned before, to create an app nowadays requires little to no knowledge of coding. In fact, all you need to do is go for any company’s website that offers an app creator and use it. 

Most of these app maker tools use the drag and drop function in the creation process. 

Here we are going to list some of the best app maker tools you can use:


This is a cloud-based app maker. It allows you to create, iOS, HTML5, and Android apps. You can use the AppMakr tool to make any number of apps you want with any number of updates added to it. 

There are tons of features in AppMakr app builder, which includes; high-resolution photo gallery, push notifications, updates that are live, video and music streaming, chat rooms, events calendars, in-app shopping option and the integration of Google maps.

If you are a beginner, you can use the free version for before you publish your app. Once your app is published, there is a one-time fee of $99 to be paid to the app creator.

Appy Pie

This is one of the best on the market. Appy Pie app builder allows people with little to no experience in coding to build their own app easily. It can be used to create apps for the three main operating systems, Windows, iOS, and Android. The Appy Pie is a simple app builder that uses drag and drop feature and requires no downloads nor installation to be used. 

Appy Pie has different financial plans that suit every person and every need. Starting from the free version to a Platinum fee of $120 per month.

The complete version of the app builder is based on HTML5 and works on every platform there is including the Blackberry. That way you can create, and modify your app on any device, you own. The complete version allows you to send push notifications, view your app(s) analytics in real-time, monetize your app(s), and use GPS for location tracking. 

Moreover, Appy Pie allows you to link your app(s) to an existing website, blog, audio feed; media feed, and even podcasts.


Appery is a great choice when it comes to app building tools. It does not require writing codes nor any downloading or installing processes. It is a cloud-based tool. Appery uses the drag and drops feature to create the user interface, which makes using the tool a breeze. Appery uses Apache with a built-in component to create apps for Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems. 

Appery app builder contains a plugin feature, which allows you to add or remove some more functions to your app. Moreover, it allows you to create your own plugins that are specific to your app.

You can use the tool for free, however, for maximum advantages, there is a premium package that is $135 per month that is paid annually.


You may recognize this app-building tool by its previous name Como. Como changed its name to Swiftic in 2017. This is an instant app builder tool. It allows you to create your own apps easily and swiftly. Swiftic does not require any prior coding or programming knowledge. This tool is one of the favorites in market. That is due to the fact it has a number of features that helps you making money and engaging your clients. 

Swiftic is an easy app builder tool that will make app creation for the beginner a simple task. It involves three steps in creating an app. Choose an app category, selecting a theme suitable, and publishing. Just like that, you have now a functioning app. 

It has various pricing options varying from the free version to a premium version of $48 per month.


GoodBarber is a great choice for an app builder. It is another cloud-based builder. GoodBarber puts a smartphone mockup on its design page so that you can see what your design would look like on smartphones in real-time. Although it does not require any coding knowledge, it requires that you have some experience regarding apps design. It also has a learning curve to it. However, the moment you learn how to use the program effectively, designing your app will be a hassle-free task. 

GoodBarber tool also offers app checking tools. These tools ensure that your app complies with iOS, and Android terms of use, and make sure that your app is not missing any crucial information. 

You can use GoodBarber for a trial run of 30 days, after that there is a monthly fee of $32 for the Android-only version and $96 for the iOS and Android version.

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