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Docs Med Notes Takes the ParityPledge® as Part of Its Commitment to Improving the Pathway for Women in Leadership Positions

Atlanta, Georgia  – January 2019 – Docs Med Notes, a medical services and software company, announced it has taken the ParityPledge®, building on its commitment to improving the pathway for women in leadership positions. The ParityPledge simply asks that companies commit to interviewing at least one qualified woman candidate for every open position, vice president and above, including the C-suite and board. No quotas. No deadlines. The ParityPledge is an initiative of Parity.org, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on bringing gender equality to the highest levels of business.

“Our commitment to leveraging women has been one of our foundational values. We cannot wait till 2085 for women to reach parity with men in key leadership roles. We must make that a reality now.”

  • Riddhi Sharma, Docs Med Notes – Chief Human Resource Officer

“Parity.org was founded to correct the stark reality of gender imbalance at the very top of companies today,” said Cathrin Stickney, Parity.org founder and CEO. “While women represent 51 percent of the population, barely 20 percent of S&P500 corporate executive teams and boards are represented by women. We are thankful for organizations like Docs Med Notes that are willing to become a role model for change. We believe their public commitment and example will help us realize exponential progress toward reaching parity at the top.”

Organizations wanting to take the ParityPledge or learn more about how to get involved with Parity.org should visit www.Parity.org.

“We’re tapping into an issue that so many companies are trying to get right. While much progress has been made at lower levels of organizations, the very top has remained elusive,” said Stickney. “We welcome all organizations – both big and small – that recognize the importance and benefits of a representative slate: a group of candidates that reflects the population.” 

About Parity.org

Parity.org is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to gender equality at the highest ranks of business leadership.

About Docs Med Notes

Docs Med Notes is a software and medical services company for clinicians founded in 2013. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Docs Med Notes employs nearly 300 people throughout the United States, and serves over 8,000 clinicians.

Offering a comprehensive suite of practice management software and services, clinicians are better able to manage their practice. Services and software include an EHR, billing and coding, transcription, medical credentialing, medical records compliance, telemedicine, patient management, and patient experience.

Clinicians are able to enjoy the latest tools and smart applications that can be specialty customized for an enhanced patient experience. Medical services offered through Docs Med Notes allow practices to improve on their financial revenue while better managing patients.

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