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Hidden Instagram Features You Should Know

Instagram is the most used social media app for most of us. There are many features of Instagram which you are aware of. But apart from scrolling through your newsfeed and uploading selfies, there are many other things to do on Instagram.

If you really want to enjoy all the features of Instagram then here are a few tips, tricks, and hacks that will help you to take your Instagram experience to the next level. 

Create Multi-Colored Text in Stories

There are only a few people who know that they can create rainbow text in stories. To do so,

  • Select the type tool and type all the characters in your phrase.
  • Then select each letter one by one to change their color.
  • To do it more comfortably and fastly, type the whole text and then highlight all of it.
  • Then use one thumb to press and hold on a color option until the gradient tool appears.
  • Further, take your other thumb and press on one of the end cursors of the selected text.

Then you will see characters change colors automatically.

Upload Long Videos in Stories

Generally, you can upload only 15-seconds video clips in stories. Earlier, Instagram users used to break the videos into shorter clips by using a third-party app but a recent Instagram update allows users to segment clips automatically. To upload longer video, select a video longer than 15 seconds in your story. Further select and edit the clips separately. Then tap “Next” to add them in your story. They will be played smoothly without any interruption.

Buy Instagram Video Views

If your Instagram profile is not in private mode, then you can also buy Instagram video views. This tool arranges viewers who can be interested in your video by checking their previous video experiences. You will receive the number of views you purchased for each post during the first, third and sixth months.

The users can even get a huge discount of up to 25% when they order multiple months. You only need to give your Instagram username, not your password, to enjoy a large number of views on your every uploaded video.

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